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Seventies' Speed

This particular TLCB writer wasn’t alive in the 1970s, however from what he’s seen of the era on TV everything seemed to be square and of a nasty beige-y brown hue. 142 more words


What will it be?

A coupe or convertible; the Ecoboost, a V6 or the V8? How will you build your 2015 Mustang?

1977 - 1983 Maserati Kyalami: The African Queen?

Big sporting coupes have been a segment that European automakers have been consistent with ever since the ’70s. Of course big by their definition is merely mid-sized by ours, but by whatever the standard, the European GT car from the late ’60s through the ’70s was something of a high watermark for design and technology. 498 more words

Rear Wheel Drive

The somewhat baffling Youabian Puma

It’s here. The car nobody asked for. The mysterious Youabian Puma. The video is doing the rounds on various motoring blogs and websites, and opinion seems to be almost universally veering towards its ugliness and pointlessness, much like the Fiat Multipla. 211 more words


Built vs Bought

Anybody in the process of building a car or anybody that has built a car from the ground up would know that time money and motivation are the biggest struggles. 241 more words


The Hangovers

Over the years, you and I have enjoyed our fair share of nights out, which inevitably leads to a few harsh mornings. Here are the ways we’ve learned to deal with them – some effective, some not so much. 354 more words

Not What It Appears - 1967 VW Beetle

So, it’s another VW Beetle. Sure, it’s the desirable 1967, but we’re looking at a 1493cc flat four with a meager 53hp. And because the owner is either pretentious or ironic, there’s a Faux-Royce hood on it, and what looks like a rather rough rattle canned red metallic paint job. 329 more words