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Reclaim Storage Space

One of the great features in the last few years has been the ability to reclaim space back from thin provisioned volumes/datastores therefore keeping the storage lean and avoid unnecessary spending in capacity upgrades. 1,092 more words


Template Replication

Since vSphere version 4 we have been using the excellent replication feature of our Data Domain systems in order to replicate templates to all our DC’s. 421 more words


USX 2.1 Whats New?

USX 2.1 is now available and has some minor improvements over previous versions. There are some major milestones and some minor improvements that are part of this release. 252 more words


Reclaiming in-guest capacity with VMware and Pure Storage

Reclaiming “dirty” or “dead” space is a topic that goes by my desk quite often these days–since the FlashArray is a data reduction array it is especially important that space is not wasted on the array–throws off the economics etc. 2,118 more words