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Effect of VAAI on cloning with All Flash Arrays

Good Post by Mohan Potheri (thank you)

Cloning virtual machines is an area where VAAI can provide many advantages. Flash storage arrays provide excellent IO performance. 72 more words


Nutanix 4.0 Hybrid On-Disk De-Duplication Explained

Post by Andre Leibovici (thank you)

Nutanix is a distributed scale-out 3-tier platform, utilizing RAM, Flash and HDD. This combination provides access to constantly accessed data in terms of microseconds; instead of milliseconds when exclusively flash devices are used. 51 more words


How To Reclaim Unused Disk Space on NFS Storage

Good post by Chris Wahl (thank you)

The question of reclaiming space on NFS based VMDKs popped up while at the Toronto VMUG User Conference. I thought it’d be worth a revisit to this topic – not just from a technical “how to” perspective, but also to discuss exactly what the question is all about, why it happens, and then how to fix it.

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