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Trip to Boston - with heavy rain and chance on tornados!

Boston was the last stop of our vacation. When we left Buffalo that day severe weather conditions reached the northern east coast of the US. I took the first turn of driving. 495 more words


Only day two on vacation!

So here we are in Maine! It’s very beautiful, and the weather is perfect. We had a long drive to get here. We weren’t speeding, we were just taking our sweet time. 190 more words


Beautiful Scotland

the view from our bus ride stop through the Scottish Highlands on the way to Loch Ness


Vader Vacation has a dramatic ending

It’s Tuesday and we returned from our vacation on Sunday night. I don’t even know where to begin, honestly, I don’t. I guess I’ll start at the end, mostly because it’s fresh in my mind and mostly because it’s quite honestly the most frustrating thing I’ve ever been through. 1,159 more words

I'm Just Saying


Last night I returned from a four-day vacation to Tennessee. My stops were Nashville and Memphis. There’s a stark contrast between the two. One thing is common in both and that’s heat. 20 more words



Somehow I get to take   two vacations this year.  One to Florida (pictured) and one to NC (coming soon).  I really enjoy the chance to spend time with family and hope I can really enjoy it.   48 more words

100 Day Challenge