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"Staycation" anyone?

When you think summertime, you normally think vacation time. Many people travel out of the state or country, but others prefer to indulge in a “Staycation.” A Staycation is when you stay in your own city or state and take day trips to local attractions. 293 more words


Victoria, Canada on Display

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy some photos with my Nikon. If you are looking for a lovely vacation getaway, Victoria, BC may be just the right town for you. 70 more words


I DO! tip #20 Let's Change It Up 12 wks to 6 Months

I would like to take a moment and share an important update from Disney Cruise Line with each of you.  I’m sure a few of you have already begun to raise your eyebrows…Ari isn’t this a wedding blog…YES YOU ARE RIGHT. 155 more words

The Honeymoon

Plan Your Exciting Island Vacation Right This Second

When you think of island vacations, you probably think of being stuck on a deserted island with no access to the internet or the outside world. 219 more words

Florida Keys

Caribbean's Rare, Blue Gem the Atlantis Stone

Beautiful, ocean-blue Larimar is only sourced from Hispaniola and the Bahamas in the Caribbean, making it a most rare gemstone. One famous American psychic is said to link the stone to the legendary lost land of Atlantis. 1,237 more words


It’s High Time to Get out of Town

It’s is almost that time of the year! A time to have some well-deserved time off for all of the hard work you did all year long. 270 more words

Florida Keys

12 Reasons I Love London

I love London. Yes. There it is. My love declaration for the city. I first visited the city in October 2008, just for day, as a 19-year old travelling abroad alone for the first time. 1,682 more words

Backpacking Croissants