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Inner (Beach) Child

Sitting, back to the world at home and watching the sun fall, feet planted firmly in the sand. The waves rise, curl and fall with a boom to momentarily mute the laughter and squeals that otherwise flow along the beach. 81 more words


Mount Bromo, East Java Province Indonesia

Mount Bromo, East Java Province Indonesia

Mount Bromo East Java Province Indonesia usually called Gunung Bromo (Indonesia language), located in Cemoro Lawang of Ngadisari Village… 814 more words


Americans Discover Vacation: The Cigar Store Indian Syndrome

The history of America’s national parks usually begins with the “discovery” of Yosemite. This so-called discovery is described in a 1910 book The Yosemite Valley… 983 more words


Catawampus-- Part Four

Home Sweet Cabin

Within minutes Keith’s eyes fell upon a break in the everlasting supply of foliage. Asia followed Keith’s lead turning onto the cobblestone driveway, parking her overworked SUV behind his Dodge. 3,549 more words

Literary Series

Why Hotels Should use Video on all Social Media Sites!

A picture is worth a thousand words is so overused in our everyday speech and media that its wisdom is often overlooked. To describe to someone how a place looks possesses immense artistic value in literary mediums; however, these mediums are rarely solely created for the purpose of selling a place. 517 more words


Is This Real Life?

Hello readers!
Sending you a very good morning from the island of Jamaica. We have a bit of catching up to do, so let’s begin. On January 21st, my husband, Mennifer, her husband, and I boarded the first plane on our way to New Orleans…at 6am. 1,299 more words



Who doesn’t love vacation? I sure do!!! But do you know what I like more than summer vacation? WINTER Vacay!!! And not somewhere snowy and cold but somewhere warm and tropical. 60 more words