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History of Polio and the Two Polio Vaccines

This is the first in a 3 part series on polio. In this post I will cover basic information and history of the disease, as well as the early history of the polio vaccine.  2,599 more words


South Australians urged to get vaccinated after surge in flu cases reported

ABC News 21 April 2014

South Australia has reported a spike in influenza cases, prompting Health Minister Jack Snelling to urge people to get vaccinated. 29 more words


Vaccines Part I: Smallpox

As I write this, a great debate is raging in our society about the use of vaccines, particularly in children.  The vast majority of Americans choose to vaccinate, but there remains a small, yet extremely vocal portion of society that opposes vaccination.   2,382 more words


Medical condition of the week – Yellow Fever

The very overdue (due to revision for A2 exams!) medical condition of the week this week is Yellow fever.

Yellow fever is a viral infection, caused by a virus which belongs to the Falvivridae family. 501 more words

Medical Condition Of The Week

Jabs Information

Finding information on whether you need injections for travelling or whether you are going to be visiting a destination where you are unsure which injections are needed- making sure you double check and confirm with a nurse or GP to talk about what you are anxious about, if anything, and put your mind at ease and make sure you are prepared for your holiday abroad! 244 more words



I dag har det var en riktig nyttodag. Vart i Sverige och fixat lite praktiska saker så som tandläkaren och två vaccinationer. Kanske inte alltid det roligaste men måsten som skall göras och gott att få det ur världen. 56 more words