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Vagina - my monologue

First post! Thought I’d ease us all into it with VAGINA.

Nothing about this post is intended to be sexual. In fact, if you weren’t already into the men folk…you probably will be after this. 1,703 more words


Improvised Sex Toy Guide Now Live

Whilst it’s never been easier to get a hold of real sex toys due to the internet, nonetheless some people may be unable to either due to financial reasons, lack of access to a credit/debit card or PayPal funds or just a lack of privacy afforded by their current living situation. 138 more words

Anal Masturbation

Cut & Paste at Bondi Feast

Do you like vaginas? (I never met anyone who didn’t) Do you like really lame, cheesy jokes (Ok, admittedly that’s not for everyone). What about a good old hard boiled detective story? 68 more words


Airbnb's new logo - yay or nay?

I absolutely love Airbnb. It’s the best thing that happened since the internet. Staying in uber cool penthouses that could rival a junior suite in a 5 star hotel? 157 more words


Traveling Abroad, Vagina Packed

I was recently blessed enough to take a trip to London! Some people would want to be “fully prepared” for such an exciting adventure and that would mean a wax beforehand.   686 more words


My (lack of)Orgasms as a defense mechanism

So I got to see D yesterday. It was a pretty epic 12 hour affair.


He wanted to see me in my element, so he asked if he could accompany me on my back to school shopping trip for my classroom. 736 more words

Leigh Ann: First Nipple Bikini's Now Vagina Underwear?

I guess I get why the artist decided to make these anatomically correct underwear, but I still wouldn’t wear them.

Would you?