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Bartholin's cyst

Okay, so this is very different from my previous post. I originally planned on posting manga updates only but I just had to share about my Bartholin’s cyst experience because I have discovered something that worked and there are many women who bear this pain and is now searching the internet for remedies.  695 more words


Today I’ve been looking at pornography, I decided to do this after researching FEMEN, as their feminist campaigns are often linked to porn and ‘slutty’. Basically I did this with the intention of trying to decide if women agreed to their involvement in pornography or not; might I add if they haven’t they’re damn good actors. 171 more words


Working from Collages

Inspired by the work of Wangechi Mutu, I made some collages from images I’d already gathered from pornography websites. I carefully considered the concept I want to strongly portray, of feelings felt by women who have been sexually abused (including women who feel that they were used for sex by men, and their bodies later discarded). 149 more words


Developing - Acrylic painting onto wet paper

To abstract the yonic form further, I have tried only painting the space inside and surrounding the edges with black. The vagina becomes a floating, anonymous object. 40 more words


What do we want?

I woke up still puzzled from the night before, on what do women actually want. I get the “world peace” side, but that’s obvious everyone in their right mind wants that. 127 more words