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To The Junkies Reading My Blog....lol...

Don’t shoot up in the veins in your hands.

I know when you blow all the other ones out, your hand veins will look delicious, but if you live past your addiction you will regret it! 42 more words



He noticed her vagina was fatter than normal as he reached inside of her silk lined panties. Wet and warm, he overlooked the deformity for the sake of his own erection.   74 more words

I'M BACK! And also sex changes and other phallic penisae

Good day, folks. I apologize for my long absence and also for deleting all my earlier blog posts. A few things have changed in my life and they needed to be addressed. 275 more words


July 28th, 2014: Guttural

This week Tommy calls in via satellite phone while he waits for one of his friends or family to wire him $5,000. This is News Business Weekly! 18 more words


Nothing hotter than a milf lesbian smoking the tire in slip ons

Sent from an erection growing in my pants over this ol gal frying tire

Film Review Short Shorts: The Story of Menstruation

THE STORY OF MENSTRUATION (1946) produced by Walt Disney

24 Words or Less: As weird as it sounds. Hard to fight off images of Disney Princesses using Kotex products.  11 more words