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Show and tell: tumor location

Here is the picture my doctor drew to give a visual of where my tumor is located.

Brief History & My Beginning

MRI Day tomorrow

Tomorrow i have my MRI.  After that, on monday I will find out if anything has spread, what stage i am in and what my treatment will be. 112 more words

Brief History & My Beginning

#ClutchandWiggle Episode 180 [Preview]

Will there be “backlash” from Ditz regarding last week’s “Digi Ditz” character?

Kirsten Dunst “outrage”, will you be outraged too?

Disturbing news out of Utah and that babies killer… 84 more words


Nadia Kamil is Rapping About Your Cervix. And This Is Why It’s Great.

Ironically, as I write this I am being chastised on Facebook for writing a status update — “Never underestimate the effects of a good bath on a bad period” – which is neither graphic, nor indiscreet but simply a matter of fact. 432 more words


A New Vagina?

By Riva Preil

On rare occasion, I have heard patients comment (half-jokingly yet half seriously), “I wish I could just trade on my painful vagina for a new one.” Generally speaking, I do NOT promote that concept; instead, I promote pelvic floor physical therapy as a means to treat musculoskeletal related vaginal and vulvar pain. 189 more words

Women's Health

My attempt in writing Erotica

Erotica is like a forbidden art. An art, which is developed after a lot of penance only to be kept a secret just to escape the social criticism. 2,007 more words

Twitter + Vaginas = Brand Laziness





Did you hear about the time US Airways tweeted a picture of a model airplane inserted in a woman’s vagina as a response to a customer complaint?  317 more words