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Dear MJ: A Story of O

I have read too much about the female orgasm. Up until the age of 20 all I had ever done was read about it, so much so that I felt I’d had one before I ever actually had. 1,812 more words


The Hair Down There: A Brazilian Wax Experience

These days, it seems society’s notion of a sexy vagina is a totally hairless one. Ultimately, how you choose to maintain your “hair down there” is a personal choice. 599 more words

Hair Removal

Facing the Vagina

I am a 9-year-old living with my family in Argentina. The day is so hot that if it weren’t a Saturday and we were at school the teachers would have fed us popsicles at recess to keep our temperatures from rising. 818 more words


Female 'Penis' Found on Brazilian Cave Insects

Scientists have discovered several species of insect in a cave in Brazil that display what they say are the world’s first discovered instances of female “penises.” 159 more words

Show and tell: tumor location

Here is the picture my doctor drew to give a visual of where my tumor is located.

Brief History & My Beginning

MRI Day tomorrow

Tomorrow i have my MRI.  After that, on monday I will find out if anything has spread, what stage i am in and what my treatment will be. 112 more words

Brief History & My Beginning

#ClutchandWiggle Episode 180 [Preview]

Will there be “backlash” from Ditz regarding last week’s “Digi Ditz” character?

Kirsten Dunst “outrage”, will you be outraged too?

Disturbing news out of Utah and that babies killer… 84 more words