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Episode 107: Knowing When to End the Episode, But Just Not Caring. That Takes Balls.

This week the boys chat about some fun things that will make your butt bleed with laughter. Lee chats up a sweet doc about Michael Alig, whom was the subject of the film Party Monster. 74 more words


Dilated Vaginas: The TV Show

OK so it’s not really called that but it might as well be. I’m talking about a TV Show in the UK called One Born Every Minute… 314 more words


The First Lab-Grown Vagina Implants Have Been A Success

Picture unrelated.

Just yesterday we shared the awesome news about the first successful regeneration of a living organ in a mammal, and today we can happily share the news that four teenage girls born with a vulva and uterus but without a vagina (due to… 334 more words


An Ode to Vacuums and Vaginas

It purrs
so loud, going up and down…
cleaning that rug like it’s almost outta style.
Which it is.
Some people don’t have rugs
but when you need ‘em,  88 more words


Sharks and Vaginas

Vaginas and sharks have something in common (no, it’s not teeth).

Natural vaginal lubricant is composed of sweat, sebum, cervical mucus, exfoliated cells, urea, acetic and lactic acids, complex alcohols, ketones and (here’s the kicker) squalene. 54 more words

Vag Mon, Baby!

My college put on a Vagina Monologues performance, and our first show is tonight! In honor of our first performance, I wrote a little poem. 27 more words