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Jim Bakker Hawking Vagina Wipes To Fund Wife's House

Did you know that Jim Bakker, infamous ’80s Jesus Sleaze convicted on 22 counts of fraud, is back on TV? Yes-huh!  He’s got a new wife named Lori, a thriving e-commerce emporium, and luckily for us all, together they’re shilling “silver” … 59 more words


Vagina outfits of Colombian women's cycle team? I like them!

Every single low culture publication in the past few days has drawn attention to the Colombian women’s cycle team’s new outfit and had a bit of a laugh because it really looks like their vaginas are on display and thus the outfits are horrible. 427 more words


Boa Constrictor likes to eat out

AHH, The Boa Constrictor. You just squeezed too tight, snored too hard, and talked way too fucking much.

But when you did finally stop yapping, you put your mouth to good use. 459 more words

Top 10 Household Items Used As Masturbation Aids

In 1902, the first electric vibrator was patented by the American company Hamilton Beach, making the vibrator the fifth domestic appliance to be electrified following the sewing machine, fan, tea kettle, and toaster. 1,299 more words


A-packin' and a-movin: part the eighth

THE THINGS YA FIND while cleaning house.

For those of you who don’t have the privilege of being veterinarians. . . 


My Vagina Is Not Your Income

This post is taken from my old blog; as I have friends visiting and it feels rude to sit and write. New post as normal tomorrow. 695 more words