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The Burglar

A brain tumour is a bit like a burglar: it invades your personal space, rummages around in your possessions and leaves you with an anxious feeling every time there’s a strange noise in the night. 1,631 more words

Brain Surgery

Female Suppositories for Yeast & Bacteria

Vaginal Suppositories for yeast & bacteria, Ie., burning vagina.

Supplies needed:

1. Stainless steel or ceramic bowl.

2. Clean metal spoon.

3. Organic Coconut Oil. 340 more words

Immune System

VAGINITIS :a common medical problem of girls

If you are suffering from vaginal irrational,itching in vagina,pain in vagina and unusual discharge from vagina. Then probably you may be suffering from a comon gynecological infection known as vaginitis…. 180 more words

When candida or thrush is out of control...What natural options can we turn to?...

Candida is a yeast-like organism which infects warm damp areas such as the mouth, the intestines and the vagina. The candida thrives in an acidic environment and so a person needs to bring balance into their system as soon as possible. 246 more words