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The Hangover

Back before I knew what life was really about, I thought the only ‘hangover’ one could get was from the bottom of a mickey of vodka or banana rum after a night of partying. 155 more words


This is meant for a specific group of people

I like the sweater, not you, you, or you.

Oh, and the above photo does not belong to me.


You Leave Vague Notes

You leave vague notes
Then expect me to understand
I cannot read your cryptic code
Your expectations are out of hand


The Unknown

Not knowing is not an option anymore.
Your life is laid before you…
Completely different from how you’d imagined it…
So much love…so much price to pay… 165 more words


This poem almost makes sense

This poem almost makes sense.
It’s hidden meaning flashing intense.
An idea gives a fly-by.
Another one atempts a try.

The thoughts conveyed in a stream of deception. 37 more words



at times it’s a little more than i expect,
but no complaints,

at times it’s unnecessary,
but no complaints,

at times it’s annoying,
but no complaints,

18 more words

Blurring Boundaries

Selective Memories

Physically blurring the boundaries between reality and memory. Here is a snapshot of a family taken from a collection of vintage photographs. I imagined knowing this family and put myself in the position of recalling only the father and one son, perhaps I could slightly recall the mother, thus blurring only her face, but the younger son remains completely indistinct and thus erased from memory. 94 more words

Initial Ideas