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rl grime ft. djemba djemba - valhalla (official video)

Stunning. Do you have access to bass? Please do yourself a favor and play this with adequate bass. This pairs well with 100% indica. (Current favorite is L.A. 13 more words


Brave New Void @ Valhalla (16 Jan 2015)

Opening Act: Saint Drogo

Saint Drogo are an alternative progressive rock band.  They had an interesting vibe on stage – the lead singer was energetic (possibly slightly too much so given his slightly un-co nature) and the rest of the band barely looked up.   248 more words

Brave New Void

Dying the good death

Us modern people have little exposure to death. Gone are the days when people lived cheek to jowl with their grannies and great.grannies, and so the first exposure most of us get to death is when our parents die. 1,502 more words


"To Kill A Mockingbird" Westchester Community College January 24 ~Valhalla~

Harper Lee’s classic novel offers a keyhole view into the struggles faced by a small town and its people. Scout, a young girl, leaves childhood innocence behind to enter an adult world of morality and decision making.

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Maidens of Valhalla

As always, I offered myself to defend my home when the sounds of horns and thunder, choked screams and clashing steel filled the air. And when I became soaked, from rain or blood I could not tell, I still fought.  264 more words


Card Playing: A Powerful Heritage

The English language is indebted to card-playing. We have extracted an overwhelming number of terms from this noble pastime. From phrases like “follow suit” and “luck of the draw,” to simple, everyday words like “trump” and “ace,” cards saturate how I speak. 813 more words

Son of Fenrir

His left arm hung from its socket, the blood running from deep gashes down its length, dripping off his fingers in a steady stream and collecting in a pool on the ground next to his foot. 784 more words