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The immigration reform discussion we should be having sounds a little like....

Immigration built the Nation…

Both the Right and Left are experiencing angst over the issue of immigration and neither of them are facing reality. 832 more words

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Everyone has an opinion:Mistral Class dilemma

As the title hints this will be a new series folks can find here at valleyviewpoints.

The opener for this series may seem a little obscure to my fellow Americans but it is still a good one in my opinion. 385 more words

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A minor analysis of Barack Obama's Presidency and American political culture.

Ever since Barack Obama was elected I had an issue with him and the whole system that got him there;however,there was always something missing in my attempts to fully wrap my head around it. 798 more words

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Ebola,The White Man's Burden ?

Interesting article at the NYT that shows how pathetic the African Unions response to the Ebola outbreak has been.

I’ve touched on how the Dark Continent is experiencing a Neo-Imperialism moment and how I felt that was a negative thing. 74 more words


Alfies Electoral Playbook :2014 MA Ballot Questions

The Bay State has ballot questions that are generated via the will of the People. Actually its basically special interest groups do the leg work and the voters get to say yes or no. 850 more words


America is sick and injured...

Many years ago when I took the boring civilian Basic Emergency Medical Technician course to supplement my military experience and training the textbook was the AAOS… 434 more words

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