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Sometimes....I Really Hate America

I make a great effort to get a lot of exposure to other ideas be it news sources or intellectual  pursuits of every stripe. It is a journey I don’t mind taking and in fact it’s one I vocally support others undertaking. 433 more words

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Another Obama Pail for me....people you're killing me!

I am debating a broader post on Yemen this weekend but I really do have to vent some of the exhaust from the right-wing nut types and assorted other FP simpletons of the entire political spectrum. 270 more words


A Tale of Two Tax Thoughts...

In surfing the web this morning I came across two stories that when viewed side by side generated a buzz in my mind. The stories were the upcoming US State of the Union Address and rumblings in Canada about a carbon tax. 817 more words

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With friends like Obama who needs home grown jihadists?

Our biggest advantage is that our Muslim populations, they feel themselves to be Americans…

There are parts of Europe in which that’s not the case. And that’s probably the greatest danger that Europe faces…It’s important for Europe not to simply respond with a hammer and law enforcement and military approaches to these problems.

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Still more news out of the French terrorist attacks...

Depending on what side of the fence you’re on all of the latest popular angles from Paris serve as something to talk about. In no particular order… 1,238 more words

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The post Paris narrative continues...

The narrative of what we should do and feel and think post the terror attacks in France is unfolding every minute of the day. Like an onion or ream of paper there are many layers and each layer now has it’s champions and detractors. 1,436 more words


As France goes ???

 The news out of France this past week caught the worlds attention but the questions are legion and I for one am one of the ones asking a lot of them. 1,006 more words

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