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The Genie you're free fallout is stupid...

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences aka the folks that do the Oscar thing tweeted “Genie you’re free” in a twitter remembrance to Robin Williams. 120 more words


Gaza Winners & Losers the Valley View...

Who are the winners and losers in Gaza? That is a question I have put out into the world of the net and the flesh and blood world of my real time life. 513 more words


In2 How Some of the Pro-Israel stuff is a No Fly Zone...

So I was reading an article by neo-con flak Douglas Feith in which he expressed his outrage over the quarantining of Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport. 149 more words


Thank You ? The thing is you weren't ever Welcome

Somewhere,somehow in the whirl of my life I found myself reading a number of pieces on race. The articles themselves were connected as it were and in something akin to a point/counterpoint fashion they helped cement an opinion expressed in the title. 515 more words


Some items in the draft bin...

My time has not been my own for some time now. I also have been experiencing a degree of politics fatigue. That said I have not been without the occasional fit,seizure and stroke over any number of the headlining news stories. 177 more words


Happy Birthday USA

There is a lot of discussion and debate about the current state of affairs of the United States of America. Every camp of punditry is well represented in the media platforms all of us have access to. 89 more words


Everyday is like Sunday...

…not in every way but one thing is for sure people are super stupid on Sunday.

Sunday driver is an old saying for the terrible head in their ass drivers who seemingly only started up the car on Sunday. 124 more words