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Breathtaking Images of Human Towers at Tarragona

The construction of human towers known as “castells” was celebrated at the 25th annual Castells Competition in Tarragona (Catalonia).

Castellers Colla Vella Xiquets de Valls form a human tower called “castell” during a biannual competition in Tarragona. 289 more words


The EU moulds a new compromise for growth and financial sustainability

The whole world knows that the European Union has for decades been powered by a strong force; the Berlin – Paris axis. At times, when this  relationship broke down, the EU came to a standstill. 1,427 more words


Le Zapping d’ERTV Deuxième quinzaine de septembre 2014

Parce qu’une compilation d’extraits vidéos peut servir à autre chose que promouvoir l’idéologie dominante, tourner les grands enjeux en dérision ou mépriser le peuple, ERTV vous propose son zapping !

Bon visionnage !


Les premières mesures du gouvernement Valls pour relancer la construction : un vrai pari !

Tant attendues, les premières mesures destinées à relancer la construction ont été
dévoilées vendredi 29 août 2014 par le Premier Ministre Manuel Valls. Dans son édition du 1er… 819 more words


France's economics ills worsen but all remedies appear unpalatable

Emmanuel Macron had been in his new job less than 48 hours when he dropped his bombshell. Picked by François Hollande to be economy minister after a row over austerity prompted a reshuffle, the young investment banker suggested that France could consider an end to its hallowed 35-hour week. Continue reading…


France - A really special kind of "Austerity"!

Let’s have a brief look at French “austerity”, shall we?

French government spending in EUR millions.

All that “austerity” is killing us!


France’s government spending amounts to about 58% of GDP, a world record.

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