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Time for tea! No wait! Tea and Champagne!

Living in London does it to you, it gets you hooked on the concept of afternoon tea (or at least me, M would perhaps disagree). Its available everywhere, with so many variations. 1,015 more words


Complexity of Major Projects - Note 1

No matter what size project you’re working on, somewhere along the line, the matter of “complexity” will likely raise its head in one way or another.  886 more words


A Structured Review

The topic of the day is one that is close to my heart, Structure. I am something you might call a structure junky. I make to-do lists, I feel the thrill every time I tick tasks as done, and I love the feeling of order in how I execute my day. 955 more words


Tuition Fees: A Sorry State

£36,000 will be the eventual cost of the slip of paper that I need to get my dream job. I’ll be closer to retirement age than University age by the time that’s paid off, going by my current plans (hey, we all hope that money will fall from the sky, but that’s unlikely). 460 more words

Tuition Fees

Contextual Understanding of 'Time is Money' in a Digital Internet World 2014 and its relevance in the 'Copyright-Piracy' conflict..

Man has felt the need to ‘share’ and ‘receive’ since Time immemorial. It was even before the birth of ‘Copyright’, ‘Creative Commons’ or even money. It was called the Barter system, where someone exchanged a physical commodity in exchange for another commodity. 1,542 more words

CopyRight-Piracy Conflict

&SONS Bacaro

I have been hearing how value-for-money the weekday lunch that ranges from S$8++ to S $12++, at SONS is. Problem is my office is definitely not in the vicinity of &SONS, so the only way for me to enjoy this very attractive meal is to take a (half) day leave, and that’s exactly what I did a few Fridays ago! 598 more words