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V2, Double V, Value Village Big Sale

Hey bargain shoppers, vintage vixens, everything old is new, used items, today Value Village is having their 50% off sale! *on your marks, get set….GO!!*



Sauvez un vêtement!

Chères amies thrifteuses de ce monde,

Vous arrive-t-il quelquefois de trouver un vêtement et d’avoir envie de le sauver? Vous ne le trouvez pas nécessairement pratique et vous n’êtes pas certaines non plus d’avoir le courage de le porter à la lumière du jour…Pourtant vous le trouvez si beau, car quand vous le regardez le vêtement semble avoir une merveilleuse histoire à vous raconter. 395 more words

The Trash Trend

Scroll through my Instagram feed and one will find an amalgamation of metropolitan rich girls, androgynous tomboys, beachy bohemians, normcore ultra-conformists, hobo hipsters, European pro-anos and people I actually know.  392 more words

Finders Singers?

It is officially August which means one thing. My favourite shopping time is right around the corner.

*Pause for dramatic effect*

That’s right guys. I’m talking about Back-To-School-Shopping! 304 more words

Find quality back-to-school items

Back-to-school shopping season is here and the fashion shopping choices are staggering.

How can parents keep costs under control while still getting a good selection of quality items? 279 more words

Value Village

Work the racks for the best deals

Second-hand shopping for your kids is quite different from buying new.

Malee Perera is a mom based in Vancouver who buys about 50 per cent of her eight-year-old son’s wardrobe from second-hand stores, including Value Village. 428 more words

Value Village