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Latitude 53

Raking through the racks at Value Village, I found this over-sized gem of a sweater.  The south side VV on 34 Avenue is usually a gold mine of 90’s fashion. 22 more words


Pre Christmas Party Jitters

My husband’s employer is hosting an annual Christmas Party tomorrow night.  It’s a lovely affair with sumptuous food and a warm atmosphere…but this year, I’m just not feeling up to it. 596 more words



Yes, I like to do photo shoots at ethnic grocery stores.  Outfit info: This was a Club Monaco day: Colbi pant and Reyna top.  Jacket: Thrifted from Value Village.


That's a nice bag, please come visit us again.

There is something I call the “Murphy’s Shopping Law.” It happens when you’re just about to pay or get out of the store and you spot something that you would definitely get home with you. 420 more words

Our First Baby...Post!

Errr Mom…I have something to tell you. JUST KIDDING! I’m not preggo’s, but a dear friend of mine recently had a baby girl named Kennedy! Aside from getting her the most adorable baby clothes with leopard print, lace and bunnies (Joe Fresh!) I knew I had to make her an adorable Wilson & Lou creation! 244 more words



I do not have the greatest luck when it comes to Kijiji but from what I’ve been told, practice makes perfect and I don’t practice. 908 more words

Interior Decorating

Rules For Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe

This is going to be a pictureless post since I really didn’t want to be reminded of how cluttered and inefficient my closet was.

The church my parents attend launched a donation drive for the less fortunate (is that the right term these days…?) and they were asking for the usual: reusable items in good condition, especially new or lightly worn clothes. 347 more words