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2.Display Activecell value in message box

This macro will display the value of the cell, when you click/select it.

Note, this macro needs to be written on the sheet where you want it to run, so when you go to VBE, double-click on Sheet1, which will open up a space for coding, that’s where you need to write this code. 73 more words


‘I didn’t finish school, but I am here. I will succeed’

Because much of our public discourse is about what’s wrong with the country, the government, the world, how the whole show is going to the dogs, it’s good to be reminded of great things. 202 more words



And there it was, another conversation (with a man) about how men are predominantly, initially, and primarily attracted to a woman for her physical beauty, and how my qualities, though “superior”, are secondary and therefore I am overlooked, and never given a chance. 261 more words

Thoughts From Thursday: Value of a Dollar

Today was my day off which I very much needed, I went to the beach and got to go to Six Flags with my  mom brother and Aunt JoAnn’s Great grand niece Mickie. 681 more words

Thoughts From Thursday

Use = Value

Information governance speaks a lot about compliance, and protection, and ediscovery.  But little about use.  How do you make money from information?  You use it. 73 more words


Love is Irrational

Some of you may be familiar with the song “Someone Worth Dying For” by Mike’s Chair.  It was fairly popular a few years back.  The main point of the song is that God found you to be someone worth dying for.   1,147 more words


Trash or Treasure

On my way out the subdivision this morning, I saw a sign for a yard sale and further down the street I saw one for an estate sale. 133 more words