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Breaking the Good Girl Syndrome® Starts Young

I recently was introduced to a woman whose life’s passion (and career) is to encourage young women (during their elementary years) to develop a love for and pursue a career in the sciences. 357 more words

Journey To Magnificence!

Kid Economics

It is a right of passage.  The lunchtime trade.  Every day, kids across the United States sit down for lunch and begin wheeling and dealing.  Candy bars, Hershey Kisses, homemade cinnamon rolls, Fruit Roll-Ups.  785 more words

Desire vs. Value

I learned something profound that I want to share with every girl and woman in America. Yes, I just said every girl and woman in America… 548 more words


The Value of Experience...

How a team values experience will shape the perspectives they will seek to include. There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to experience. 59 more words


The definition of "value"

Value (noun): The importance, worth or usefulness of something.

Value (verb): To consider something to be important or beneficial; to have a high opinion of something.


Know Your Worth!

Read it AGAIN.

People DESIRE a lot of things that once possessed are of no value to them…

Remember your value

&& LIVE so that noone forgets it! 30 more words

Thou Shalt Not Steal

How many thieves do we know and by hanging around them we have become thieves ourself?

You may be saying hold up I’m no thief I pay for everything I get and I don’t make it a practice of hanging around thieves. 122 more words