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Part of the Team

By Niels Leibbrandt

Another marketing agency, another excellent team, overloaded with energy and brave ideas… That’s what a customer who has not been working with TECH-TO-MARKET might think before doing so – right? 429 more words


Come on........Let's Talk

On a sunny Saturday in Exeter, elected members of The Co-operative came together to discuss our new Social Goals. Members choose to be representatives with The Co-operative for many different reasons, but our championing campaigning stance is definitely one of them. 223 more words


I Cancelled Dad's Fancy Birthday Dinner Reservation

I just cancelled my dad’s birthday dinner reservation at a fancy Italian restaurant, one that is recognized as one of the best in Shanghai, raved about by expats regarding its style authenticity, and headed by a Michelin 2-star rated chef. 1,993 more words


Being Your Pride & Joy

Why must I?  What if, I don’t want to, be your pride AND joy, I mean, then, don’t I got a right to decide for myself then??? 171 more words


A Place Called Denial

There’s that place, beyond the rainbow (and no, you still won’t find that Pot of Gold!!!), a place called denial, where you can find that much-needed, BUT way too temporary relief from your pains. 119 more words


“She Was Like a Daughter to Me”, a LOSER’s EXCUSE for His Affair…

Yeah, are you FUCKING kidding me, so, you’re openly ADMITTING to I-N-C-E-S-T now, are you?  But, it would NOT be “incest”, because you and her, still NOT related by blood. 138 more words


Child Who Was Schooled by the Oceans, She’d Followed Her Parents Out to Sea for Eight Years, and Didn’t Start School Until She Was Ten

On the education of children, from the Newspapers, translated…

A pair of German-Taiwanese parents took their young daughter, and for eight years, they’d lived on a sailboat together, and they’d ridden their “home” and sailed around the world.   606 more words