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How Do You Choose? How Do you Decide?

One evening this past week, I was invited to speak at a senior school careers night. I shared with students, parents and friends what I learned in nearly 30 years of my career – from a Chemical Engineering graduate to a business transformation leader today. 823 more words

Personal Story

Day 52 of 180 – Trekking Up the Money Mountain

Action Tip:  As much as I am for selling things to get money for goals, somethings you just need to get rid of and get out of your life even if it is for free. 23 more words

Living Below Means

Self Love

I am a huge fan of the self-love movement that is going on right now. I don’t know how much of that is just the parts of the Internet that I peruse, but more and more I’m seeing talk about loving your self. 362 more words


Craving and Alienation in Neil Gaiman's "The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains"

One of the impressive aspects of Neil Gaiman’s works is how he weaves magical stories that are relevant, cautionary tales for our own time.  Recently, I read… 1,194 more words

Book Reviews

Outside-Oriented Dream Residence/Workplace Influenced By African Aesthetic Values by Feedous

Outdoor-Oriented Dream Residence/Workplace Influenced by African Aesthetic Values
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SAOTA makes no compromise in their artwork. Elegant contemporary and luxurious, these are the major 3 words defining the residences erected by these architects. 22 more words

What makes you happy?

THIS IS PERHAPS the wrong question.

But we’ve been telling our kids for generations now to do what makes them happy.  “Follow your bliss,” we say. 449 more words

Success In Business


It held a quiet place of honor in our apartment, subtly nestled on one of the lower bookshelves in the living room, quietly waiting its time to be called to service. 1,688 more words