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Samore's "Braxton Family Values" Season 4: Ep. 2 |Jamaican Me Crazy | #BFV (Review/Recap) - YouTube

Hey #SamoreLoveBugz As the sisters decide to pursue their dream of making a family album, tension between them erupts like never before. Before they can reco…

A cup of Coffee - Part 2

In my last post my thoughts were not complete and I’d like to add more. Wikipedia defines Gratification as the pleasurable emotional reaction of happiness in response to a fulfilment of a desire or goal; and describes instant gratification as to label the satisfactions gained by impulsive behaviours; choosing now over tomorrow. 875 more words

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American Values PowerPoint

American Society and Culture is an optional course at our college, so I usually keep the teaching of the course light. Most days we talk through a PowerPoint presentation together. 250 more words

Teaching English

Morality and the Gods

One of the greatest strengths of the heathen religion, I think, is our concept of morality. It is unlike the way that morality is viewed in many other religions. 281 more words

You Were Here, and After You’re Gone, I Was Left, in Lonely’s Company

So, was your leaving, the primary cause of my lonely, or, am I lonely from before, but you were the distraction I’d needed, and now that you’re gone, lonely started attacking, once more??? 252 more words


Four Primary Reasons for Why People Wouldn’t Want to Get Treatment for Their Cancers

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

  1. Being Elderly
  2. Fearing Chemo
  3. Fearing Going Under the “Knife
  4. Fearing that Treatment May Affect the Quality of Life

The newest research results discovered, that nearly twenty percent of those who were diagnosed, formally, with cancer did NOT seek out treatment options in the three months after they’d been diagnosed, and their rates of death is three times MORE than those who’d gotten treatment right away. 567 more words


Selfies with Your Tops Off

This, is for ALL you L-O-S-E-R-S AND BITCHES out there, and NO, that still does NOT “constitute” as “name-calling” either…

You ALL know what “selfies” are, so, there’s NO need to explain that!!!  288 more words