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Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies

Counter-strike is a decent game but the modes is way too repetitive. Some of the maps has too little places for humans to hide from the zombies. 82 more words


Humble Beginnings

Grab the pizza and Dr. Pepper, LAN party tonight!

When compared to the lengthy history of traditional sports like football and baseball, any game that falls under the e-sports banner is still clearly in it’s infancy by comparison. 397 more words


The Tears of Villains and Fiends

It’s about sending a message

Since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive went live to the public in August of 2012, Valve has adopted their usual stance of radio silence on all future updates. 467 more words


Before the Game

Get Psyched!

As with anything in life, you can only perform at your best when you’re adequately prepared. There is another game that every CS player must learn to play- and triumph over- before they ever set foot in a server. 471 more words


Left-handed vs. Right-handed


Which handedness is best? Your answer might hinge upon the side that you favor irl, as it were. There’s no such simple resolution to be found among the… 501 more words


Steam Broadcasting Now in Beta!

Sure, there have always been alternatives to Twitch out there (such as YouTube Live), but none of these has really ever taken off to the magnitude that  259 more words