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Tune of the Week: Dancing Robots!

The robots from video game, Portal 2, dancing in unison.

So cute! <3


Paranautical Activity Pulled From Steam After Dev Threatens Gabe Newell

With all the focus on death threats as part of the ongoing #GamerGate drama, the most prominent death threat we’ll be talking about this week isn’t part of that saga but from an indie dev who was unhappy with Steam.  675 more words


Episode 35 - Me, Myself and I


Episode 35 – Me, Myself and I

Borderlands Pre-Sequel impressions, indie developers blowing up on Twitter and a day one 20GB patch for The Master Chief Collection. 34 more words


Ban Hammer: Gabe Strikes Back, Developer quits the business.

Life is not exceptionally easy for a game developer and being an indie developer can provide its own challenges, but in reality there is no reason to be thoughtless… or even look for some sort of sympathy for being thoughtless.   957 more words


Indie Developer Threatens Gabe Newell, Has Game Removed From Steam

The indie first-person shooter Paranautical Activity was removed from Steam on Monday following a series of tweets from its creator culminating in a threat on Steam head Gabe Newell’s life. 132 more words

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Steam pulls game after developer death threat. But I thought it was only a "platform"?

Valve, the company behind the leading game distributor and platform on Windows devices, has pulled a game from its Steam marketplace after its developer tweeted a death threat to one of the company’s co-founders, Gabe Newell. 457 more words