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On The Kittiwake

If you’ve been following along, you know I dive because I like the critters. The odder looking, the better. And then there’s this. No strobe. No color. 118 more words


Another New Build

This unit was built for Mario Voltolini in Italy. It uses a new motherboard pcb and LCD display board designed by Eric Thacker and a number of new subassembly pcbs designed by yours truly. 280 more words


The Half Life 2 Project, Ch 5: Black Mesa East


Judith puts me through a decontamination process and begins to use aggressive tactical attacks against me: grating and self-aggrandizing monologues about ‘research’ and ‘science.’ By God, Judith, I am a physicist – I have no time for this rabble! 183 more words

Video Games


Heroes are what make the game fun. The diverse and entertaining cast of heroes keeps the each game interesting and will make every game different. To learn more about this wiki.

Defense Of The Ancients


Dota is a game of protecting your Ancient, but what exactly is an Ancient? To learn more check out this Dota 2 Wiki.

Defense Of The Ancients

Dota 2

Dota 2 has changed drastically since its inception in 2011. To keep up to date on the ever changing meta you can visit the official blog.

Defense Of The Ancients

Single Ended 6V6 HiFi Amp

As time has passed I have slowly been cultivating the desire to upgrade my lounge listening situation. After browsing endless audio websites, I got to thinking Single Ended is the simplest and most direct sounding way to go. 298 more words