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Understanding Cowen Institute's Botched VAM Effort

We are in an age of so-called “data-driven” education reform. Numbers and analyses are being worshiped as the end-all, be-all evidence of education quality. Student standardized test scores are at the center of the majority of such analyses. 1,934 more words

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Cowen Institute Erased Its Flawed VAM Report... But I Did Not.

The Cowen Institute at Tulane University has been promoting the New Orleans Charter Miracle since 2007. Cowen Institute has been trying since then to sell the “transformed” post-Katrina education system in New Orleans. 861 more words

High-stakes Testing

China’s vinyl acetate monomer exports in August, 2014

Export to: Quantity (tonnes): India 9,911 Turkey 4,348 USA 2,220 Thailand 1,719 Germany 1,576 Taiwan 995 Belgium 918 Netherlands 895 Morocco 740 United Kingdom 679 Chile 679 The Russian Federation 674 Italy 616 Egypt 609 Portugal 499 Spain 431 Pakistan 365 South Africa 351 Canada 349 Mexico 319 Venezuela 302 Brazil 299 Lebanon 197 Columbia 147 Vietnam 141 France 110 Poland 98 Korea 98 Bangladesh 66 Greece 44 Israel 40 Ecuador 39 Malaysia 32 Iran 29 Slovenia 21 Argentina 21 Romania 20 Korea 5 Singapore 1 Total: 30,601

Source: China Customs

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Weingarten, Broad, and *Collaborative* Privatization

This is a post about two individuals whose actions contribute to the privatization of American public education: billionaire Eli Broad and American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten. 3,457 more words

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To La.'s Accountability Commission, As They ReVAMp Teacher Evals

In 2010, Louisiana Representative Frank Hoffman authored the bill to include student test scores as part of teacher evaluations.

Hoffman said that he “would never do anything that would hurt good teachers”– an irony, since via his bill, Hoffman had decided that the definition of a “good teacher” is one whose value can be assessed via value-added modeling (VAM), a procedure with results… 1,002 more words


False dowry compliant, court issues arrest warrant for woman doctor

MANGALORE: The JMFC Court in Mangalore has issued Non-bailable arrest warrant against a woman doctor, hailing from Davangere and her father for submitting a police complaint of alleged dowry charges against her husband and in-laws. 421 more words


China’s vinyl acetate monomer exports in July, 2014

Export to: Quantity (kilogrammes): Belgium 6403583 India 5112086 Thailand 2430180 Turkey 2321104 Korea 1573842 Germany 1437740 Indonesia 1250146 The Russian Federation 782,540 USA 613,600 United Kingdom 482,260 Portugal 396000 Morocco 383,960 Netherlands 344,440 Poland 260000 South Africa 238000 Brazil 231000 Romania 142000 Columbia 140000 Venezuela 134400 Pakistan 123,980 Canada 120000 Egypt 119,720 France 110000 Ecuador 98700 Italy 87000 Chile 66000 Slovenia 62920 Mexico 62660 Spain 44000 Kenya 42000 Peru 40000 Vietnam 21000 Croatia 19960 Total: 25694821

Source: China Customs

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