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Stephen Sawchuck Asks: Do Evaluations Punish Teachers of Needy Students?

Stephen Sawchuck notes in his blog at Education Week that a pattern is emerging from teacher evaluation programs: The highest ratings go disproportionately to teachers of advantaged students and the lowest ratings to teachers of students who are disadvantaged. 581 more words

Education Reform

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Evaluations are deeply affected by factors beyond the teacher's control. As a teacher of students who consistently earn low test scores, VAM and test-based teacher evaluations have always concerned me. Thankfully, Vermont doesn't evaluate teachers via test scores, and hopefully they never will.  Need more information on this topic?  Read this from the Washington Post.

Franz Kafka and the Metamorphosis of Teacher Evaluations

One morning, when Mr. K woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his classroom into a horrible insect.


He lay on his segmented brown belly propped against his teachers desk. 937 more words

Corporate Education "Reform"

Google, Google, what do you see? I see Menokin in 360.

Earlier in the year, while attending a VAM (Virginia Association of Museums) conference in Alexandria, I happened to attend a session led by two folks from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities… 326 more words


David Berliner @ the Chalk Face offers some words of wisdom.

I paraphrase, check the audio: If you’re going to be a profession of sheep, then you’ll be run by wolves.

Great conversation.

Education Reform

VAM Remedy Part of Inequity Disease

But their remedies do not cure the disease: they merely prolong it.
Indeed, their remedies are part of the disease.

Oscar Wilde, “The Soul of Man under Socialism”

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Eric Lerum and I Debate Teacher Evaluation and the Role of Anti-Poverty Work (Part 2)

StudentsFirst Vice President Eric Lerum and I recently began debating the use of standardized test scores in high stakes decision-making.  I argued in a recent blog post… 2,465 more words