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A Dream That Haunts: Part 4

Last time we left off, Renee was stranded in the hotel room nursing her injuries. But falling out the tub may all be worth it just from her meeting that really hot bell boy Mitchell. 2,935 more words

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Vampires, Halloween, and a failed writing contest

So … no one entered my best ghost story contest. Boo! Didn’t you want to go to the trouble of crafting a deliciously scary story without any kind of promised monetary prize! 1,919 more words

Holly M. Campbell

A Dream that Haunts: Part 3

That last we left Renee, she was attacked by a bat and nearly killed herself trying to get away. Then she had a strange dream about a man, a cave, and yes more bats. 2,515 more words

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A Dream that Haunts: Part 2

Last week on A Dream that Haunts…. (I always wanted to say that!) Renee and Aleta arrive at fancy hotel in the middle of God knows where on a woman’s retreat with their church. 3,976 more words

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The Quick by Lauren Owen

Well this was a surprise! And the problem is I can’t tell you what the surprise is without giving you a couple of spoilers about the plot… Nothing that will actually ruin the story you understand. 729 more words

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16. The Gulls

Another urban paranormal tale…

*  *  *  *  *

Seagulls normally flew ashore when there was a storm at sea, but that morning was fine and sunny. 425 more words

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First Time Storyteller for Vampire: the Requiem

I first heard about vampires from an old black and while movie–which I have forgotten the name of since. I remember it was in the 90’s, and I was probably around 12. 533 more words