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A Dream that Haunts: Part 3

That last we left Renee, she was attacked by a bat and nearly killed herself trying to get away. Then she had a strange dream about a man, a cave, and yes more bats. 2,515 more words

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A Dream that Haunts: Part 2

Last week on A Dream that Haunts…. (I always wanted to say that!) Renee and Aleta arrive at fancy hotel in the middle of God knows where on a woman’s retreat with their church. 3,976 more words

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The Quick by Lauren Owen

Well this was a surprise! And the problem is I can’t tell you what the surprise is without giving you a couple of spoilers about the plot… Nothing that will actually ruin the story you understand. 729 more words

Book Review

16. The Gulls

Another urban paranormal tale…

*  *  *  *  *

Seagulls normally flew ashore when there was a storm at sea, but that morning was fine and sunny. 425 more words

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First Time Storyteller for Vampire: the Requiem

I first heard about vampires from an old black and while movie–which I have forgotten the name of since. I remember it was in the 90’s, and I was probably around 12. 533 more words