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Night Eternal - Chapter 01

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Before the Revelation, in 1979, Sookie Stackhouse is a junior writer for a local newspaper, struggling with a strange ability that has made life a little more challenging – so when she stumbles upon a story filled with 

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Vampire of Arkyne: Chapter Three - Lucius

The Vampire, Lucius De Rais!


Kilronan Harbour, Inis Mor, 1652

Dusk was falling quickly, and the harbour was dimly lit from a row of burning lanterns that hung from wooden poles along the deck,  rattling incessantly against the wind, now moving in from the sea.  1,239 more words

Vampire Of Arkyne

Vampire of Arkyne: Novel Synopsis

Author’s Note: Back in the day, and apart from short stories, Vampire of Arkyne was the first ‘proper’ thing I ever wrote. I say ‘thing’ because in the beginning, I couldn’t decide whether it should be a novel or a film script. 585 more words

Vampire Of Arkyne

Only Lovers left Alive - Movie Review

Only lovers left alive” is a new film from director Jim Jarmusch. It is a love story intertwined with a vampire story and it’s in keeping with the artistic and idiosyncratic style that is peculiar to this film maker. 456 more words


To Make Her Heart Whole - Chapter 09

Thank you so much you guys for the support and reviews for this old thing. It’s definitely coming back to me and, strangely, I’m more excited about this story now than I was when I first wrote it.

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