BLOOD RANCH was the first horror story that Peter and I wrote together, originally as a screenplay. We eventually adapted it into novella form, at the same time bringing it forward in time from the classic ‘Western’ period to the present day. 1,367 more words

7.39 - A shot in the dark

The following video/song was actually purposefully searched (contrary to all the other ones in which I just happened to listen to it while I wrote the chapter). 3,433 more words

Tempted Chapter 15: Is Damien REALLY Gay?

We’re now with Aphrodite. She’s in Darius’ room, telling Damien and Jack that they should go back to sleep and also reminding them that they’re gay in case they’ve forgotten. 650 more words

House Of Night

Halloween Nail Art

In preparation for Halloween this year I wanted to share a cute nail tutorial that is quick and easy (really). I am a fan of the subtle festive look, so this look is very wearable. 134 more words


Wednesday - My Art - Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Horror

First Published in Derek Clendening’s chapbook
Blood Verse: The Vampire as Poet  for the poem, In Broad Daylight.

September, 2007 by Sam’s Dot Publishing.


Writing Challenge 09-28-2014

I really enjoyed writing this particular challenge.  The idea came easily and the random characters happen to be a pairing I like already.  It took a couple days to marinate the idea and finally get it written out, but I am pleased with the result.  2,456 more words