Poster of the Week - Dracula (1958)

Dracula (1958)

Hammer Films not only made lurid melodramas and (for their time) sex-driven horror movies, they also produced lurid, sex-driven movie posters. ┬áThis poster, for the first in what would be seven movies featuring Christopher Lee as the titular bloodsucker, isn’t as daring as some that would follow, but in its own way it has a disturbing quality that perfectly matches, and complements, the mood of the movie it’s advertising. 314 more words


Tea Party Update: 4th & Final Toy is Up!

So, only about an hour later than advertised tonight, TinyCo has dropped the fourth and final Tea Party update toy. It is a cute little vampire, and he represents your last three chances to earn Rupert through this event. 67 more words


Suck (2009) - IMDb

Suck (2009) – IMDb.

Suck is a rock and roll vampire comedy directed by Rob Stefaniuk and released in 2009. The story revolves around a struggling rock band called The Winners who fail to find the success they so thirst for until one of it’s members gets bitten by a vampire, breathing new life into their music. 74 more words


The Mansuscript of Juan Serrano-D

One time we saw a red, glowing cloud protrude from the tip of the mountain and rush down over the cliff, and then the cloud balled together and became even redder. 1,320 more words


Ch13 Ethel Brandenbourg


Lazily Ernest stretched his limbs on the beach of Atlantic City. The sea, that purger of sick souls, had washed away the fever and the fret of the last few days. 743 more words

Energy Vampire

(Hy)Lights #26: The STRAIN (First Impressions)

Hello, folks!!

Looking for a vampire series that isn’t all about shoddy-written romance or lots of sex? (And yes, you can use a break from all the sex.) Want something more out of the vampire genre? 709 more words

First Impressions