Though it seemed to me that the end must surely come soon, it was months before the finality was reached.  I have been unwell for months, bed ridden eventually by a mysterious disease.   526 more words


Supernatural Special Team [Prologue]

Let’s start with: ‘What is SST?’ This is called Supernatural Special Team. Team, that deals with special cases associated with supernatural events and crimes. Of course, they work perfectly legal as the Police Department. 199 more words


From the herd of femme fatales
milling about
showing off their full-bosomed
bod’s to each
other – looking to attract some
wanted attention
from the well heeled members… 32 more words


I Like Pigs Blood The Best

By Ree Hines, TODAY contributor
Just when it seems like “My Strange Addiction” has showcased the oddest habits out there — from a woman who eats cat fur to a man who really (really) loves his car — the show reveals a new, peculiar and particularly distasteful obsession. 263 more words

Really People

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

The undead are among us and livelier than ever when Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and a talented group of young-bloods star in Interview with the Vampire, the spellbinding screen adaptation of Anne Rice’s best seller that’s “one the best films of the year” (Caryn James, The New York Times). 96 more words

6.6 - I'm only vampire after all

Ugh, this chapter is a bit shorter than I originally planned (it’s still pretty big though). I had to cut a lot of scenes due to technical problems (mostly with poses and accessories). 3,252 more words