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One Stunt. Countless Revenue.

The “Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split featuring Van Damme” ad combines curiosity and talent to form an ingenious video and even more incredible digital marketing campaign . 295 more words

What if Van Damme took to the space and did an epic split on Zero Gravity?

Apparently, he did.

We all know the epic split video of Van Damme performed over the trucks of Volvo and how that sparked hundreds if not thousands of creative, funny and sometimes hypothetical response from other YouTubers to come up with their version of epic splits. 77 more words


Bomb defuse (ft. Jean Claude Van Damme)

(Click over the image to watch the vid.)

Andrew Kramer and Freddie Wong organished something funny at funny or die labs: “make your own van damme’s movie”. 71 more words


Top 10 rejected action movie catch phrases!

  1. I know you say he’s a good egg, but if he crosses me again, I’m gonna make him into an omelet!
  2. If I he doesn’t stop stalking my daughter on Facebook, I’m gonna have him ‘check in’ at Forest Lawn and he’ll never check out!
  3. 179 more words

So, let's continue

The third video from the battle Jean-Claude Van Damme vs Chuck Norris

Van Damme = 2  Chuck Norris = 1