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Snorkeling whitsundays from Arlie Beach

First tings first. Arlie beach doesn’t have a great beach. It also doesn’t have free camping. Grrr.

What is does have though is a big fake beachbeach area where people can swim, shower and poop free of charge, nice! 551 more words

Cape Laveque and Bully’s Camp

24 – 29/09/14 Cape Laveque and Bully’s Camp

Somehow I managed to loose a day somewhere. We spend in a Cape Laveque four days not five, but never mind. 475 more words


Behind curtain #1?... A new car

I kind of have the new car thing going on right now. I really want a new one. I have gone over it time and time again. 93 more words

Epic photographs of a traveling van dwarfed by starry skies

Vacation photos are not all equal. The casual snapshot cannot compare to a professional photographer’s considered capturing of their travels. Photographer Alessandro Puccinelli purchased a motorhome to travel along the south coast of Portugal and documented his experience. 95 more words


Mercedes-Benz: Vanapalooza: An Animated History Of The Van

Published on Sep 26, 2014
The van’s been America’s boxy hero for generations. Building cities, hauling stuff to and fro, and even helping us relax after a hard day of doing those other two things. 99 more words