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May not know art but I know what it looks like

I love this painting I found over the weekend. It looks an elephant holding a heart spelling the word “pile” inside a duck’s head. It’s lmost as good as clouds. 6 more words

Vancouver B.C.

Hey police...why so much killing?

As the latest victim of of a fatal shooting by Vancouver police is identified, people are rightly questioning why our police even drew a gun on the man. 485 more words

Vancouver B.C.

Rather pedestrian photograph of our rainy day

At about 4 p.m. this afternoon I was on West Broadway Avenue stopped in the westbound lane at the intersection with Cambie Street.

I had my camera ready so that when the light changed to green I could snap a few photos looking north towards the rush hour traffic on the Cambie Bridge. 97 more words

Vancouver B.C.

The nonrenewable resource of some apartment buildings

Friday night I stopped what I was doing in a Fairview back alley to take a panoramic photograph of an old apartment building — one of the many stucco-clad, three-storey walk-ups that replaced a lot of single family homes after the Second World War. 651 more words

Vancouver B.C.

His other car isn't a car, it's a Lexicle

You know those tricycle contraptions made out of bicycle bits and wrapped in an aerodynamic wind faring? Where the cyclist is positioned on their back or stomach inside what looks like a pedal-powered cruise missile? 504 more words

Vancouver B.C.

Cloudy with a chance of justice

Today I saw a cloud that gave me the unmistakable impression of a super-powered wiener dog flying to the rescue; its cape stretched out in a straight line by the terrific acceleration. 14 more words

Vancouver B.C.

Snorting Splenda -- don't try this at home kids!

Kids do the damnedest things.

Yesterday, while I was in one of my favourite South Granville Restaurants (which would prefer to go unnamed), I noticed a grubby, chubby kid in a hoody and shorts standing outside with his back to the main entrance. 564 more words

Vancouver B.C.