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possible sighting of an iratus birdus

It was a real treat, earlier in the week, to see a Steller’s jay for the first time and be able to post photographs of the bright blue-plumed bird. 269 more words

Vancouver B.C.

CBSA post gets an honourable mention

My blogging made the Province newspaper this morning. Twelve pages in, underneath a story about a Union Gospel Mission barbeque, there was a small mention of my post about finding Canada Border Security Service guard shirts in an apartment dumpster in the Fairview neighbourhood. 481 more words

Vancouver B.C.

Wallpaper from the 1977 HoJo I stayed in!

It’s true, when I was growing up in the 1970s — well into the early 1980s (the late 1970s) wallpaper and carpets in commercial buildings — hotels, motels, fast food restaurants — often featured garish repeating patterns just like the painting I found on a the lid of a recycling blue bin yesterday. 240 more words

Vancouver B.C.

Chalk-a-block with childish fun

Some young person or persons with a lot of chalk really played-up the sidewalk in front of their building and in front of their neighbours’ buildings and their neighbour’ neighbours’ buildings. 232 more words

Vancouver B.C.

Trashing CBSA shirts borders on careless

The Canada Border Services Agency probably, almost certainly, absolutely definitely, must have guidelines for the proper disposal of guard uniforms.

I’m guessing that a public dumpster behind an apartment building in the Fairview neighbourhood isn’t a proper place to throw away government agency uniforms but that’s where I found a whole big box-full of navy blue CBSA uniform shirts.

Vancouver B.C.

Someone threw out a hole laptop today

The dangers of personal identity theft have been drilled into people’s heads — some more so than others it seems.

The person who threw away the Gateway laptop I saw in a Fairview dumpster today obviously took the warnings to heart because they made sure no one would ever use their old… 498 more words

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These sour grapes may be strong medicine

The berries I just noticed overhanging a parkade ramp in a Fairview back alley are blue but certainly aren’t blueberries — they have the same dusty blue skin but that’s the only similarity. 376 more words

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