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Gathering materials for this post, I ran into a personally recurring dilemma.  Looking at the image I had just inserted, I realized I had seen similar stone pilings on other trips and the thought struck – … 915 more words

From Vancouver To Sochi With Love

Dear People of Sochi,

Hello, Bonjour, Privyet. I’ve been meaning to write you for awhile, but as the dust settles from the Sochi Olympics this seems like as good a time as any. 970 more words


Let’s own all of Canada’s podiums

If nothing else, the Sochi Olympics proved beyond a shadow of a scoreless-soccer-game adherent’s doubt that everyone – even a polite, unyieldingly apologetic, ceaselessly accommodating Canadian – loves a winner. 643 more words


New Russia, to me

No new Russia, no old Russia, just Russia

SOCHI, Russia – Nearly four years ago, I sat at a breakfast table in Sochi with one of the leading figures behind the 2014 Olympics Winter Games. 449 more words


The Win - Olympic Memories #10

In the end, the jar filled high enough and I had made enough money to split an apartment with the Exners.  The dog walking put me over.  2,250 more words

2010 Olympic Busking Memoirs

Mariokart Olympics - Olympic Memories #9

This period around the Olympics I often stayed with the Exner’s in a studio flat on 2nd Ave.  This was simply a concrete rectangle with a kitchen and bathroom at one end and a deck and window at the other.  841 more words

2010 Olympic Busking Memoirs

Yuna Kim Retirement After Sochi Olympics 2014

Yuna Kim, also known as Yuna Queen, has announced her retirement after Sochi Olympics 2014.

Yuna Kim is a South Korean figure skater.

She is the first South Korean figure skater to win a gold medal at the 2010… 166 more words

Life In Korea