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Award-winning former GO Transit boss to lead Vancouver SkyTrain probe

After system-wide shutdowns left some Vancouver SkyTrain passengers prying open train doors and fleeing along elevated platforms this summer, TransLink has tapped former GO Transit head Gary McNeil to probe the failures. 413 more words


Cooking Project: Meals 6 & 7

Meal #6: Crock Pot Chicken Tomatillo

As I moved into the second half of the project, I finally set aside time to take the crock pot for a spin. 894 more words


Story Behind a Cavity

Behind the real estate cavity shown above, there is the beginning of a story about a Vancouver personality. The cavity is, I’m convinced, the location in the 1920s of the Hotel Martinique Smoke Shop at 1184 Granville Street.  361 more words


Team France set for second night of Celebration of Light fireworks festival

As many as 300,000 people are expected to descend on Vancouver’s English Bay on Wednesday night as Team France prepares to light up the sky for the Celebration of Light fireworks performance. 240 more words


Women, sex and politics: Former Vancouver candidate on costs of public life

When Trish Kelly got the green light to run as a park board candidate for Vision Vancouver, the party knew about the comedic video monologue on masturbation she made for the Fringe Festival eight years ago and supported her all the same. 377 more words