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Finally True Love, Part 3 Chapter 1

“You’re not going to give me her number?” Vanessa yelled.

“No.” Lori said quietly.

“Why the fuck not? How the hell am I suppose to reach you?” 1,139 more words


Meeting Taylor Stevens...Again

Stevens grew up unlike the rest of us and ended up unlike the rest of us. She came to be the proud creator of Michael, a kick-butt woman with nothing to lose having lost most everything. 1,637 more words


New Cat on the Block

A kitten adopted our friend Vanessa, but she couldn’t keep it. Since we are down a couple of cats we decided to take him. So far the other cats are nominally accepting him. 89 more words


Applying Dutch Grammar to English Words

A few months ago, I wrote about my son’s First (Bilingual) Words. Right now, he combines words to make (very short) sentences, and with sentences come verbs. 234 more words


Chamber Music & Me - Leni and Vanessa Olofsson

In the final episode of Chamber Music & Me Season Two, mother and daughter, Vanessa and Lena Olofsson, talk about the role chamber music plays in their family. 76 more words

Musica Viva Australia

My Art: Vanessa

My Art: Vanessa
Charcoal and Acrylic on Paper


Finally True Love, Part 2 Chapter 1

Lori said through clenched teeth walking pass Vanessa and into her study.

Janet, Vanessa’s co-worker was descending the stairs and stopped momentarily to glare at Vanessa. 713 more words