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cadbury creme egg-stuffed vanilla cupcakes

For the Easter season, I’m continuing my stuffed-cupcake trend with these beauties. A simple yet utterly flavorful and velvety vanilla cupcake gets the royal treatment with anĀ  483 more words


RAW Vegan Nut Free Carrot Cake With Vanilla Frosting!

This Carrot Cake is soft, crunchy, sweet and sour! Your taste buds will LOVE this. You will probably want to eat the cake all by yourself, so make sure you make another cake if you are going to share this one. 224 more words

Vanilla Caramel Cupcakes

Oh, the delicious drizzle of caramel paired with a light and fluffy vanilla frosting.

Remember those Vanilla Bean Cupcakes that I posted last week? Well I used the same exact recipe for the cupcakes, but just put in more vanilla extract since I didn’t have any vanilla beans left. 237 more words

Chocolate Cupcakes With Vanilla Frosting

I baked these simple and delicious cupcakes for my daughter’s 4th birthday and it was a blast. All gone into the hungry mouths of 25 cute preschoolers in a couple of seconds. 342 more words


Hot Milk Cake with Chocolate Chips and Vanilla Frosting

This cake is great on days when you want to eat or make a cake, but you don’t want anything too fussy. You could probably make it without frosting, but really, the frosting made the cake that much more awesome. 521 more words

Fudging Ahead

Fruit-Filled Cupcakes

Fruit-Filled Cupcakes

You’ll Need:

1 package strawberry cake mix
2 c. plain yogurt
2 eggs
1/3 c. strawberry jam
16 oz. vanilla frosting

How To: 123 more words

American Cuisine

Chocolate Malted Cupcakes with Fluffy Vanilla Frosting

I have baked numerous types of cookies in my baking adventures that I have loved, but, by far one of my favorites is a Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie… 611 more words