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Hello babes!

Sitting here with J, having a vanilla latte and working.




Homemade Vanilla latte sugar scrub

My best friend made a lavender sugar scrub for me for Christmas this past year. I loved it! I actually went right through it! The sugar was gentle enough on my skin but still exfoliated, the coconut oil moisturized my skin wonderfully and the smell, oh the smell of lavender, you can’t beat it! 245 more words

I dragged Moa to Starbucks with me today

I had a Vanilla Latte. A venti skinny sugarfree vanilla latte with an extra shot to be exact. I don’t have a complicated Starbucks order what do you mean? 26 more words

My Life

"Love Your Coffee" - Vintage Heart Coffee Shop

My coffee travels recently brought me to a place over off of E 7th St. called Vintage Heart Coffee. From the outside, the building has a stark color contrast in comparison to the nearby buildings. 249 more words


A Coffee Cup and Blogger Meet-Up

Good Morning fans. I just counted and it’s been almost 6 months since I sat down to post. Geez, Louise (that’s my middle name…)! Let me tell you why I decided to finally sit and write again this morning. 


The Santa Barbara Coffee Cat

Located at 1201 Anacapa Street is the Coffee Cat. I used to be a Starbucks fan, slightly still am, but recently I have been finding myself sipping a beverage here at the Coffee Cat. 95 more words

90 Days. Part One.

I was running late for work. Normally, I don’t worry too much about this because:  1) I always seem to arrive before my bosses, and:  2) I’m not entirely sure my bosses actually know what my hours are. 769 more words