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That precious F4 Pepsi poster

I had the sudden urge to clean the poster just now, wiped it with alcohol because it’s so dusty.  A little tattered on the edges now, but still a precious piece of growing up. 79 more words

5 Things I Won't Forget About Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden brought a new era in the Philippine TV. The series was refreshing. It was something new. It was unlike any drama and teen oriented shows that were airing during that time.  347 more words


Top 5 Most Favorite F4 Songs

The success of Meteor Garden gave its four male cast members the chance to be Asian stars. Using the name of the group from the story… 347 more words


Meteor Garden is back!!!

Forgive me, but I just have a lot of feelings!

Waaay back in 2003, (still can’t believe it’s a decade already. I was just 13 then!) ABS-CBN first aired the Taiwanese drama… 663 more words

Asian Celebrities

Ahjussis madness continues

I’ve broken up my favorite ahjussis into separate tabs so your can admire your favorite. Click the link below for my thoughts of each individual ahjusshi. 13 more words

Kdramadreamer Nosebleed Section - My Top 5 favorite Ahjussi's

I’m not a big fan of flower boys. I know a lot of you may prefer flower boys, or have some flower boys that you like. 2,189 more words

Why am I not surprised

So I was watching 2PM music videos the other night. You know at the end of every video they give suggestions? Well a name caught my attention in all of the suggestions. 92 more words

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