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Oh Herro! Custardo Review

Any idiot can go out and buy propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin and start a juice company, and we can see that with the plethora of juice companies that have come into the vaping world in the last year. 399 more words


The CDC has no idea what Grandpa meant to you and the kids.

The CDC thinks the  imaginary*  risk that non-smoking youth might take up e-cigarettes outweighs all the advantages that grandparents give to children, including supporting the parents in their child-raising efforts, creating community, modeling values, holding history. 133 more words


Expert Warns About Teens Finding New Ways To Get Drunk

DENVER (CBS4) – Experts are warning parents about new ways teenagers are getting drunk without taking a sip of alcohol. Drinking liquid alcohol is no longer the only way to ingest alcohol; teens are also experimenting with alcohol in its gas and solid forms. 451 more words


Two From EMS Vapes!


Every so often, I am privileged to find myself in a position to review a liquid produced right here in the Valley of the Sun. 2,382 more words


Starting in the middle

D20 Vapes started, as many ideas do, with a chance meeting on the road. We were mid-road trip, stopping for gas in the mountains of West Virginia. 220 more words


Vaping... the choice is clear!

Vaping is here to stay!

To vape or not to vape? That’s the question posed to all smokers of the world.

My friends and family have made the choice to vape using electronic cigarettes and associated vaping tanks, batteries, mods, and other devices. 206 more words

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