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Vapour on the breeze

Criss-crosses cerulean sky

Gathering in veils of grey

Wisps of dreams and love

Intangible, yet beautiful

To kiss the sun goodnight… 32 more words


Life (poem)

Our lives are just like a dust, a vapour, sometimes it feels like one breath and it’s gone (Psalm 39, James 4).  Need to ensure that we live with intention, with goals, purpose, direction, love.  


What is contained in the e-liquid and the vapour produced?

You have probably heard of this term E-liquid also widely known as “e-juice.”Before you buy an e-liquid in Australia here is what you need to know. 521 more words


for the love of water

specially when it has little twirlies !

note: this is the first and most probably the last manipulated image you’ll see here on TLC. apart from standard, basic image editing such as sharpening, colour control, contrast etc, i make a rule of not altering image content but since rules are meant to be broken at least once…

Fly Fishing

Uncle junks genius juice honey do review



Now What I love most about this ejuice is it tastes fantastic, it has a mixture of different melon flavours! And it has a sweetness to it but with that refreshing crisp edge! 117 more words