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“but even if we survive the collapse of our sun, we will not survive forever.” - John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

I caved.

I’ve seen sooooo much of this “Okay? Okay.” and “Maybe okay will be our ‘always'” stuff lately that I finally gave up and booked  591 more words


Eller nej förresten..

Jag tar tillbaka föregående inlägg. Jag kör vidare här. Jag gillar fortfarande wordpress mer ur ett skriftligt perspektiv. Textmässigt är det enklare och renare, och jag gillart. 99 more words


Divergent. Erudite. Four.

I still know very little about the book/movie (nothing, really, other than that for some reason 4 is a really important number to them… And it seems to be connected to a guy, right?), but I seem to have developed a form of addiction to anything quiz related, so I couldn’t not answer questions like: “If you had to wear one color for the rest of your life, what would you pick?” – out of the choices given, blue obviously – which is why I decided to find out what  129 more words


The Boom Boom - My Heart's An Idiot

What can I say other than that it was a case of instant love? I was browsing the “This Week in Music” category over at… 207 more words


First rule of zombieland: Cardio.

Remember how I said that getting tattooed was a breeze? Well, it was.

The subsequent chafing of the feet, caused by wearing a pair of never before used – and very cute – ballerina shoes, however, is excruciating. 181 more words


Keep your skinny jeans on

My favorite scot’s always been Sean Connery (and will, to some extent, always be – I mean, have you seen him in a kilt?), he’s the… 80 more words


Bruce, Wayne and Alfred

Today it finally happened – I got inked!

My older brother has already gotten two in a fairly short amount of time, two larger tattoos on his back, and I’ve been teasing him *cough* fairly mercilessly about how “whiny” he’s been about the pain, especially afterwards. 579 more words