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Sweet someting of... someplace

These (above) are three very different women, with one major thing in common; they’re played by the same actress  - the amazingly talented Katey Sagal… 404 more words


It was the Colonel. In the Billiard Room. With a Candlestick.

I’m feeling fairly confident that my extensive viewing of various crime shows, as well as my uncanny ability to always guess the murderer in Clue (it’s always Colonel Mustard in the Dining Room or Billiard Room, with a Candlestick or Reverend Green in the Study or the Conservatory, with a Revolver - ALWAYS!) would make me the most excellent FBI agent (preferably within the BSU) – alternatively a very popular crime novelist or quite successful serial killer. 39 more words


Father Ray Kelly

Since my not–so-very-rebellious teen years, I’ve had as a principle to never read, listen to or watch anything that’s gone viral. Which is why it took me a shameful five years to find my way to… 152 more words


8 Weird Things You Never Knew About Your Eyebrows

I accidentally (yes, it’s possible, and no, I can’t really explain how) spent a lot of my time yesterday browsing and reading articles I found on… 216 more words


A welcomed reminder

This made my whole day a little brighter. Sometimes I was definitely in need of a reminder that there are really good people out there, too, it’s not all violence, natural disasters and the end of the world.


Pros of living alone

Pros of living alone:

✔ No one gets upset if you drink straight from the milk carton.

✔ No one tells you that you’re “halway there to become a crazy cat lady person” because you have more than one cat (…and you occasionally carry out entire conversations with them). 74 more words


Message from above?

I think some deity (or possibly an apparition) is trying to tell me something through Spotify’s shuffle feature (appropriately enough I’m listening to a massive playlist christened Russian Roulette containing songs I love, hate, love to hate, hate to love or any emotional range in-between) – this is the third consecutive song I’ve listened to that’s telling me that “you only live once”.