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Cue the epiphany!

Oh, NOW I get the whole “When Four asks Tris if she wants to see his tattoo, all the fangirls go ‘I think we all do'”-thing. 168 more words


Probably shouldn't have quit my day job

Hangin’ out at home, feelin’ kinda low, singin’ the “My best friend left me to go to Rhodos”-blues.

Like, for serious, what does Rhodos have that I don’t? 229 more words



I think most of my friends – on Facebook, primarily, since I’ve yet to be able to procure a pair of Google Glasses and therefore am not (yet) able to… 506 more words


The evolution of Hip hop (as interpreted by Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith)

I’ve always said that “The Carlton” shoul be considered an evolutionary step in hip hop.


"It's smaller on the outside"

I could’ve gone the easy way, naming this post “It’s bigger on the inside“, but I figure that the Doctor rarely takes the easy way out (or ever;¬†tough that’s not¬†always up to him, nor his companions) and that is why I decided to consult my copy of “ 167 more words


Never give in, never give up!

Running day.

When my alarm went off this morning, all I wanted to do was to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed. 175 more words