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Bruce, Wayne and Alfred

Today it finally happened – I got inked!

My older brother has already gotten two in a fairly short amount of time, two larger tattoos on his back, and I’ve been teasing him *cough* fairly mercilessly about how “whiny” he’s been about the pain, especially afterwards. 579 more words


“And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!” - Dr. Seuss

What’s that word…? You know, when you’re sore all over and your arms and legs feel like spaghetti? Oh, yeah – SATISFACTION!

I survived my first day at the gym and I’m already ready to go again! 105 more words


Motivation is what gets you started...

“…Habit it what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn

Today marks my second week of running since I got the idea to start, which was June 29th – which means that I’ve been going for runs for two weeks without excuses, and I couldn’t be happier about it because that means that I’m able to say that I’m proud of myself! 195 more words


First Moon Party

(Embarrassing?) Confession #43: I’m one of those people. You all have one of them in your life. The person who ruins movie night.
Yeah, ok, I was being a bit dramatic (it’s what I do). 203 more words


Än en gång

Med mer än ett års paus så konstaterade jag att, jag saknar bloggandet. Så jag gjorde det väldigt enkelt för mig och skapade en ny blogg. 77 more words


I'm not saying I'm a bad cook...

but my neighbors got a restraining order against me. I’m not allowed within 50 yards (or 10 meters if you’re a metric system kinda person) of the kitchen.   259 more words


Those would have been terrible last words.

A while back, I started watching Doctor Who. Per the recommendation of a friend (who knew I have a thing for David Tennant – everything the man touches turns to gold!), I started with the 10th Doctor. 416 more words