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Vardo, A new take on an old love.

I have had a love for travel and always lived small so now that there’s this whole tiny house movement I feel the urge to pack my bags and move off into the mountains. 328 more words


Photographer - Nukshi Alice

From her ABOUT Page:  Nukshi is a documentary and portrait photographer and an artist living and working in Nottinghamshire.
Her sensitivity to situations, culture and people, has allowed her to adapt well to new challenges and environments.  327 more words


Stars Over Wickahoney

These last two weeks have seen me focusing on three things: my Vardo, my writing, and my astrophotography.


After much thought, I jumped at the chance to get a utility trailer, 6 feet by 12 feet, for a really good price. 1,179 more words


Tinker to Traveller

Screenshot images from Tinker to Traveller, a documentary about “Two Californian anthropologists who spent a year living with the travelers on a Dublin site in 1970 return to Ireland to learn what has happened in the intervening years.”


Homes, Houses and Nomadic People - Photo Gallery.

This gallery brings together a tiny sample of images depicting the homes of nomadic peoples from around the world. These photographs prompt a consideration of what it is that makes a home, when its geographical location is fluid and its physical structure is subject to periodic deconstruction and change.

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Vardo update #1

So, it’s payday. About time, too!
Life is a funny thing, sometimes…like when you announce to all and sundry via the internet that you are going to be working overtime and saving like crazy so you can afford to build a vardo/Gypsy wagon and your car breaks down the following week and you get a nasty cold the week after that. 461 more words

Ordinary Life

Yes, Please

What a nice little setup found while searching images on my computer.  Maybe from Lost Arts Press?