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Magazine Masthead: Tone and Colour Variation

I am fairly certain that I want to use the last of my digital masthead illustrations.  I like this masthead because it is very simple, easy to use and manipulate, but, I also like the way in which the letters work together- it is a subtle and a different way of representing NVL (New Visual Language). 280 more words

Design Practice One

Magazine Masthead: Digital Variation

Taking my masthead sketches I chose the ones with most potential and created them digitally, this was done on Illustrator. I decided that I wanted to use the font Helvetica for my masthead, the font itself is quite modernist; and my reasons for choosing it are for the same reason of modernists- it is simplistic yet effective, versatile, easy to use and “flawless”.   239 more words

Design Practice One

Shaken, not stirred

Olives are part of any good Greek salad – or Bulgarian shopska salad, or any other variation of the tomato-cucumber-olive salad that heralds summer. From fat, plump Kalamata, to the sort of sad, de-stoned kinds straggling at the back of your fridge, all types wriggle their way in. 310 more words


Two friends spit into a lake.

Two friends
into a lake.

One considers the
infinitesimally small
increase to the water level;
his contribution
to depth.

The other considers
his seeding bacteria; 15 more words

An Icosahedron Variant Featuring Kite-Stars

This variant of the icosahedron has five kites meeting at each of its twelve vertices, forming what I call the twelve “kite-stars” of this polyhedron. Also, two kites meet at the midpoint of each of the icosahedron’s thirty edges. 41 more words