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A New Variation on Disappearing Nine Patch

Did you ever think that there could be another variation on the Disappearing Nine Patch? Neither did I. But, in researching variations, I actually only found three that are repeated all over the internet. 345 more words


Strategical and tactical depth

If we consider all possible contact points, stroke directions and techniques available and add different trajectories, speed to spin ratios and contact points on the opponents half, we get a sheer infinite amount of possibilities or variations. 2,107 more words



Title track from solo album #1 (2005) –  Intro is, essentially Rachmaninoff’s Variation on a theme by Paganini being slowly glitched into oblivion (albeit gently as it’s one of my favourite pieces of music) – before then inexplicably turning into a four-to-the-floor bass-heavy piece of dance music. 8 more words

Nature-Nurture? No (forthcoming)

Almost every day we hear that some trait “has a strong genetic basis” or “of course it is a combination of genes and environment, but the hereditary component is sizeable.”  To say… 277 more words


The two ways to sex

So, how do things reproduce? Although there is a whole myriad of ways, they can generally be grouped into two major categories: Sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction. 822 more words