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Should You See Naples Vein Specialists for Your Nighttime Urination?

Frequent trips to the bathroom, especially at night, are often seen as a natural occurrence of either age or simply water consumption, and, because of this, are often ignored or seen as inconsequential. 303 more words

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Medical Volunteer Trip a Huge Success

Amigos de Salud, Inc. is a non profit, 501 C3 organization founded by Dr. And Mrs. Nick Morrison, MD. Nick and Terri, co-founders of Morrison Vein Institute, have organized and accompanied teams of volunteer medical groups to Central and South America for over 25 years. 85 more words

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Truth About Support Stockings And Varicose Veins

Do you know the truth about support stockings and varicose veins? Well, support stockings and varicose veins have been linked with each other ever since. Wearing compression or support stockings on a daily basis can help you reduce the pain and swelling of your legs for standing in long periods of time, and probably reduce the chance of you having varicose veins. 511 more words


Treat Varicose Veins in Our Office!

Varicose veins can now be treated with in-office procedures, so no stripping is needed. In-office procedures can be done for larger surface veins after the venous disease is treated at the source, first with ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy or Endovenous laser or radio-frequency ablation techniques. 51 more words

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Taking Care of Your Veins!

Morrison Vein Institute can take your hand and help you through the vein care treatment process. Our MD team and RN staff are here to teach, handhold and treat each leg, each vein, each symptom associated with varicose veins. 27 more words

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We've Moved Office Locations!

The Reno Vein Clinic is please to announce our new office location!!!!

We have  relocated to 10685 Professional Circle, Suite B in south Reno. 46 more words

Bummed out about varicose veins? Try these natural solutions . . .

by Sue Hughes, MSEd, HHP, CNC

Veins. We all have them. We certainly need them. They are the tube-shaped highways that transport blood from all over the body back to the lungs and heart. 1,134 more words

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