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How do you learn best?

I remember way back in third grade, as we were walking single-file to music class, my teacher asked, “How do you learn best? Do you remember best by listening to people tell you things, reading things, or is it easier for you to learn by doing things?” I thought about it and I told her that it’s easiest for me to learn by doing things. 633 more words


Hur mår jag i dag?

Som i går, fast annorlunda. Men utan några stora förändringar. 

Känner mig som att jag är på distans från min egen kropp. De tankar som far runt i huvudet går inte i harmoni med hur kroppen svara.  82 more words

Learning Style

Learning styles refers to the way a person prefers to perceive and process information and as mentioned before, my main Learning Style is the Read/Writing way. 220 more words