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I Do Love Me a Good Coupon...Or Even a Bad One

I’m a financial enigma. I think nothing of going to four different stores to do my grocery shopping in order to get the best prices and save all that I can, but will happily turn around at my computer and book a trip to London on a moment’s notice. 362 more words

Overly Simple Thoughts

shutting the door after the horse has bolted......

So, following the birth of Micro Mortlet, Papa Morty took the appropriate steps to ensure that our family would not mushroom out of control….. Only one of the Mortlets was actually planned (midi Mortlet.) The first and last of my loinfruit were both happy accidents; that’s not to say that I was ecstatic at discovering the pregnancies…. 713 more words

Not-So Affordable Care

The medical industry is a racket. Tomorrow will be my first appointment with a rheumatologist. I have various joint symptoms, and after seeing my regular doctor and an orthopedist, this is the next step. 308 more words

Men's Health

A Vasectomy May Be Performed Safely In The Home With Proper Tools and Manuals...

Vasectomy has been in use since the early 1900′s. Over 20 million American men have had vasectomy for sterilization. No long-term adverse effects have been proven with vasectomy. 12 more words

Is Vasectomy in Sydney the Answer to the Rising Costs of Raising Kids?

Madeleine Morris says in an article for ABC.net.au that the cost of raising children has doubled since 2007, with middle-income families spending at least $458 per week for one child. 121 more words

A Surprise Vasectomy Reversal

There was a roadblock to having our second chance family.  My wonderful husband had had a vasectomy 10 years prior to our wedding.  As I researched reversal surgery I was continually confronted with our terrible financial situation.   439 more words

Christian Wife


Just spoke about #vasectomy with Mapaseka Kaya fm.

#Vasectomy is the most popular form of permanent surgical birth control for men.

It is indicated for any fully informed man who does not want to father any children (or any additional children). 117 more words