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I Don't Want to Be Like Vashti

Had you asked me on a random day who Vashti was, I would have responded with a puzzled look. So who is she? To put it simply, Vashti is the queen who said no to her king. 257 more words


The God Behind The Scenes

Some people say that the Bible is a made up book like some kind of novel.  Some people say that it is no more than just a fairy tale with no grounding in reality.   946 more words

VASHTI'S RESPONSE - An Introduction

The following is an introduction from a soon to be released book called: Vashti’s Response.”


Vashti was a queen who was forever banished by her husband King Xerxes. 403 more words


Where is Your Beauty?

Based on Esther 1

Where do you find your glory?

King Ahasuerus sought to impress his subjects through a display of extravagance, outward pomp, and great riches. 489 more words


Vashti & Esther

Scripture Reading: Esther 1 to 7

Title: Vashti & Esther


  • Introduction
  • Vashti’s stand
  • Xerxes’ abuse
  • Esther’s persuasion
  • Conclusion


Today we continue our series on… 3,316 more words

2014 Sermons

A Pioneer of Feminism (Esther 1:9-22)

When the beautiful Queen Vashti
(Is there a not-beautiful queen?…)
was giving a banquet for noble women and
was enjoying gossip of the palace,
(Women are women….both then and now…) 147 more words

Women Rules

October 12

Esther 2

1After these things, when the king’s feelings were calmer, the thought of Vashti and what she had done and the order he had made against her, came back to his mind. 1,752 more words