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Don't give VAT the silent treatment

A recent case* has highlighted the risks of not expressly dealing with VAT in a commercial property transaction.

The seller had opted to tax a commercial property but upon completion of the sale VAT had not been accounted for and had not been discussed by the parties before completion.  523 more words


Politicians urge chancellor to cut tourism VAT

Politicians from across the UK are urging the government to encourage growth in their constituencies by cutting tourism VAT.

Research shows that cutting VAT on accommodation and tourist attractions would create over 120,000 jobs, add £4 billion to the UK’s GDP each year and contribute £4 billion to the Treasury over a 10 year period. 84 more words


VAT for digital businesses and the Mini One Stop Shop

The one-stop VAT service starts from 1 January 2015 for businesses supplying what are collectively known as ‘digital services’ in the EU. 325 more words


West Country welcomes Labour's tourism strategy

Tourism leaders in the West Country have welcomed Labour’s new strategy for tourism but are disappointed the party is not willing to follow the example of other European nations and slash VAT for the sector. 89 more words


Irish tourism VAT to stay at 9%

Ireland’s tourist industry has welcomed the government’s decision to keep tourism VAT at 9%.

The Irish Hotels Federation said the measure, which has created over 33,000 new jobs since 2011, was “one of the most successful job creation initiatives in modern times”. 54 more words


VAT Services- What is involved?

With businesses they have to submit all their VAT things online and they are legally required to submit their VAT returns online. This can make things a lot easier if businesses do this imminently as they can do this with haste and sort one of their copious administration duties. 452 more words

Taxing Times

Our current circumlocutions around raising money for the governing of our country and the provision of vital public services must be reformed. We’ve inherited a plethora of systems, from Income Tax to National Insurance, which create too many loopholes and ensure that funds are wasted trying to collect what is due, rather than maximising the budgets available to invest. 617 more words

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