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Hospitality - a first choice of career

This week I took part at a gathering of the St Julian Scholars to moderate a panel discussion entitled “Low pay – the elephant in the room” which tackled the thorny subject of attracting the best and brightest people into our industry in the face of a widely held perception that working in a hotel or restaurant involves low pay and unsociable hours. 271 more words

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Resources for start-up businesses

If you are just starting your own business or expanding/ taking on employees there is a lot you need to know and keep up to date with. 119 more words

HMRC's policy on laboratory pathology services

I have been asked about pathology services and VAT recently. HMRC’s Brief 16/13 VAT gives clarification of their policy on VAT exempt laboratory pathology services provided by state-regulated institutions and this Brief can be found on their website. 9 more words

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Vietnam - VAT export and invoice changes

A number of new decrees have been issued providing for changes to the Vietnamese VAT regime. The changes cover VAT invoices and the export VAT rules. 124 more words


Ukraine Increases Tax and Slashes Spending

Ukraine’s parliament has approved a number of fiscal reforms to secure a financial aid package worth USD14-18bn from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The Government has estimated that the country may need double this amount to stay afloat. 102 more words


Switzerland - Committee rejects IHT and VAT changes

The Swiss Committee for Economic Affairs and Taxes of the Council of States (CEAT-S) has rejected the Socialist Party’s inheritance tax initiative, and proposals to replace VAT on energy with a dedicated consumption tax. 122 more words


South Africa - The 2013/14 Revenue Exceeds Expectations

On April 1 2014, the South African Revenue Service (SARS) reported the preliminary revenue outcome for the 2013/14 fiscal year, showing that it had collected ZAR899.7bn (USD84.9bn), up from ZARR814.1bn a year earlier. 138 more words