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Taming Vata with Ayurveda

As the temperature cools, many people find themselves bothered by vata disorders such as anxiety, tension, insomnia, constipation and aching joints. Vata dosha gets aggravated during cold, dry, windy weather because the nature of vata itself is dry, cold, light and active. 475 more words

Ayurveda Treatments

Organic Union joins in on a Full Weekend of Ayurveda and Detox with Jo Feghale

At the end of the month 31st October – 2nd November, Organic Union will be joining Jo Feghale for a weekend introduction workshop to Ayurveda.  295 more words

Lost in the Wind

The last two days have seen blustery wind conditions. (Much to my husband’s wake boarding dismay – He always complains that the wind picks up on his only day off!) 693 more words


Avoid a Vata overload this season…embrace Kapha!

As the season (here Minnesota at least!) turns to beautiful autumn, I’ve been musing and mindfully monitoring my doshic energy, and its clear to me that Western society in general often encourages us away from trusting nature’s design. 455 more words

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Dosha Test

Dosha Test

Take the “Dosha Test” and learn what kind of foods and exercises that are best suited for you, in order to stay healthy. 412 more words


Three Chakras That Will Ground You In Fall By Jamie Lyn Skolnick

I was really thrilled to buy my first pair of leg warmers this season at the local American Apparel. Just having them on reminds me of my legs and warmth! 705 more words

Laughing Lotus NYC Love Blog

Four Yoga Postures For Your Autumn Practice

As the seasons change, we become more susceptible to stress, illness, and a general feeling of ‘bleugh’. Autumn has a different energy compared to Summer… 488 more words