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yoga during winter

December 21… Winter solstice… The shortest day and the longest night of the year… When winter comes, I feel depressed. Even though I am a person who have been practicing and living in yoga for years, I cannot get accustomed to the duality of life. 993 more words

What to Expect When You Are Accepting: Taking the Brave First Steps Towards Healing Trauma

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a primer for moving through the process of healing trauma? How amazing it would be if there were clear cut steps, if the emotional pathway was laid out in black and white, if those around us were readying a celebration for the new you that is being birthed. 1,593 more words


The Ayurvedic Path to Trauma Treatment

When I first began to explore Ayurveda, I had no idea where my journey would lead. Six years later I am still letting it all unfold. 1,566 more words


Vata Issues -- IBS, Hyperglycemia, Constipation, and relationships with Vata's inherent Anxiety

In connection with my earlier post regarding some issues facing those whose predominant Ayurvedic dosha is Vata doshaI would like to briefly discuss some other things… 1,136 more words


Yoga in Vata Times

Doom. Sadness. Gloom. Yes, winter. This December, and as we enter the even crueler months of January, February, March (it is New England after all) I wonder how on earth to… 708 more words


Scheduling and Ayurveda -- Difficulties of the Vata Dosha

I have difficulties with scheduling.

Those who know me well – or even those who know me a little – will likely not be surprised at this point. 764 more words