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Exercise for Your Dosha

By Monica Bloom on July 28, 2014

I have an inspiring story and goodies about exercise for your dosha. This afternoon I felt super sluggish and just wanted to sleep. 785 more words


Inci's chai spiced buckwheat pancakes with mango, banana and raw cacao

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It’s true. I can testify. God does move in mysterious ways! Remember last weeks post? The one where I was whining about being uncertain about what to do next? 2,935 more words


Triphala~~ An Amazing Ayurvedic Herbal Combo

Triphala is amazing! Balancing for nearly everyone, it is one of the most popular herbal compounds in Ayurvedic medicine. Comprised of three different fruits, each one works specifically on each of the three… 282 more words


Vata Dosha Green Bean Snack

When I first started doing yoga I became very interested in all aspects of the lifestyle, including the Ayurvedic diet. I took one of those instant quizzes online and before I was even done, I could already tell my dosha is very, very Vata… I like warm, starchy, comfort food and I don’t like anything cold or raw. 117 more words


Watermelon, red fruit and acai love potion

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If you’ve read my last post you’ll be happy to know that we can stop make believing it’s summer, cause the real deal has finally arrived! 1,778 more words


Types of Vata in Ayurveda

When these 5 types of vayu locate themselves in a place different from their own place (sthana) and when impaired they afflict the body with diseases specific to their locations and functions. 6 more words


Single pill remedy does not work for all in Spiritual path!

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan sees a individual in its entirety. Although the basic elements are same for each and every person but we see all around different energies and different personalities. 571 more words

Tattva Shakti Vigyaan