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Roma (Day 1)

Turns out, Rome is not as scary as a pedestrian. Like… I feel so dangerous. It’s awesome.


I went to the Vatican today. It was hella. 1,769 more words


St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the holiest churches in the Christian religion. It is one of four major basilicas located in Rome and the principle church of the Pope. 2,351 more words


Day Four in Rome

Yesterday, we went back up to the Park Borghese via the Veneto and rented a Rició 3 person 4 wheel bike.  I saw them the first time we went to the park and wanted to get one and ride it around. 383 more words

Vatican City State

Braving a cab we took the easy route to the Vatican City State. I never realised how controlled we are …or how much we receive enforced rules of safety until I hit Italy. 794 more words

European Vacation

48 hours in Rome!

    Day 1:

Our first stop was strolling around the Via Marsala area near our hotel (Hotel Stromboli), where we encountered the Fountain de Naiads as the sun shone over and engulfed Rome. 2,584 more words