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Adventures of Rah: Rome and the Vatican

Part 1: Statues around the Vatican

When we first entered the Vatican museums (which was quicker than we’d thought, the queue really wasn’t as long as everyone made it out to be), we decided to go the opposite way to the rest of the crowds with their tour guides and audio tours, and entered a very quiet gallery filled with statues. 120 more words

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Three Thousand Years in Nine Days - Day Five

For Day Five I made an online reservation at the Vatican Museums, a great way to avoid the long lineups. Better to spend 4 euros than wait hours in line. 328 more words

Rome 2014

Vatican has a Vishnu temple

This colorful 18th century Vishnu temple reportedly folds and unfolds revealing many stories of Vishnu and is made of wood, mirror, paper, pigments and glass paste. 466 more words

Just another ruin in Rome

After growing up on movies like Roman Holiday and Gidget Goes to Rome, I had a vision of Rome that was romantic and vintage and possibly in black and white.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

The Room of the Segnatura in the Vatican Museums contains amazing 16th-century works by Raphael.  The School of Athens was one of my favorites.  I think it is because of the “extra” person in the scene. 242 more words


An Italian genius

Born in 1475, Michelangelo’s artistic talent revealed itself early in his life, often to his family’s dismay. His precocious drawings would occasionally elicit beatings from his father who wished to persuade the youth to follow a more honorable and lucrative profession than that of an artist. 1,008 more words