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Viva La Roma!

I love Rome – to me it is an ideal mosaic of romance and history in the world. The city cannot be toured in a day, there are so many things to discover every time I return here. 677 more words



Let’s go, I have adventures to share!

Our Italian guide Giuseppe likes telling us, “Andiamo!” and to hurry up because there is always more to see. 507 more words


postcard from the Vatican

A month ago, on 29th December 2014, I mailed two postcards via the Poste Vaticane. They were addressed to my ex and to my parents, but my family’s has yet to arrive, so it should be safe to assume that my ex didn’t receive his either. 33 more words


Avoiding the Vatican Museums

The last Sunday of every month, the Vatican Museums are free, if you are planning a trip on a budget you might want to think about that. 73 more words


Skull and Bones death cult proven to be a Vatican Secret Society

Former US President George W Bush and former US presidential candidate John Kerry were both members of a secret society called, “Skull and Bones.” Those who watched the famous Tim Russert TV interview with both Bush and Kerry during the Presidential election, would remember how Tim Russert asked both candidates why they were both members of a mysterious secret society called, “Skull and Bones”. 443 more words


United States Department of Homeland Security is controlled by the Jesuit Volunteer Corps

John C. Gannon is a Jesuit Volunteer Corps member, Jesuit University professor and Knight of Malta (A Pope and Jesuit military order). Gannon is also one of the founders of The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the United States. 852 more words