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Restraining Order Registries: Using Indiana’s Policies to Expose Government’s Abuse of Its Citizens

One of the thrusts of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has been to establish public restraining order registries like those that identify sex offenders. 817 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

20th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women

This past Saturday, September 13th, the Violence Against Women act (VAWA) officially turned 20. This act was written in 1994 by former Senator Joe Biden, and was the first act directly responding to the mistreatment and domestic abuse/sexual assault of men and women (Because it happens to guys, too). 445 more words

How we can help end domestic violence

Esta Soler helped pass the Violence Against Women Act, 20 years ago. Leslie Morgan Steiner had just left an abusive husband at the time, and now tells her story widely. 3,482 more words

In Conversation

Gabrielle Giffords: 20 Years After VAWA, There’s Much More Work To Do

Some said it would be too hard – impossible, even.

Two decades ago, a broad and brave coalition of determined women’s advocates, domestic violence survivors and fair-minded leaders in Congress set out to do what some said could not be done: pass a law that helped protect women and their families from the scourge of domestic violence. 675 more words

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) : VAWA’s 20th Birthday

Tomorrow, the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA) turns twenty (20) years old. On September 13, 1994, President Bill Clinton signed this piece of critical legislation. 271 more words

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Vice President Biden tweets about abuse of power, gets an earful

In the context of House Republicans approving a controversial lawsuit against President Obama over his alleged abuse of executive power in making unilateral changes to Obamacare, Vice President Joe Biden’s tweet today about abuse of power had fewer thinking about the Violence Against Women Act and more contemplating the president’s violence against the Constitution. 253 more words

US Politics

Joe Biden is righteous

Via Jezebel, check out Joe Biden talking to Tamron Hall about the anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act and the Ray Rice affair. I’m going to try to embed, but if it doesn’t work blame WordPress, not me: 67 more words

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