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How It Serves Political Interests to Issue Restraining Orders Falsely

Some $10 billion has been invested over the past 20 years in procedures meant to redress violence against women in the U.S. alone, and restraining orders are the centerpiece of a host of related legislative measures. 317 more words

Restraining Order Abuse

Women, Equality, and Justice

By Danielle Aloia, Special Projects Librarian

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, observed a month after the 20th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). 1,169 more words


Empowering Domestic Violence Survivors through Immigration Law

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, my next series of posts will focus on some of the ways in which US immigration law may protect and empower immigrant survivors of domestic violence.  520 more words


Hello My Name Is: Alaska Native Voices Calling Out for Safety of Native Women

Synergy, the Resource Center on Domestic Violence: Child Protection and Custody’s (RCDV: CPC) twice a year newsletter, is now available! SynergyFVPSA, 30th & VAWA 20th Anniversary Issue, No.

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Saving Beverly, Spectacularly!

I should have known strange times were brewing when a freak storm blew off our chimney spout two weeks ago.  I’d been collaborating for months with Access Ink’s Anne Bautista, Esq., Bob Stewart, and Susan McBeth of Adventures By the Book  to plan our Saving Beverly Literary Fundraising Adventure and things were not looking good.   1,092 more words


NMA's HCV Executive Management Master Book has shipped!

Subscribers to our annual revision service can expect to receive the latest version of the NMA HCV Executive Management Master Book this week. If you have any questions about your subscription, please contact… 213 more words

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Louisiana Hospitals Charging Sexual Assault Victims for Testing

Sexual assault victims are still paying thousands of dollars in hospital bills in Louisiana

Even though VAWA was amended in 2005 to include cost-free rape kits to survivors, Louisiana hospitals are still charging patients obscene amounts of money. 158 more words