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Getting #Unity Dependency Injection Working with ASP.NET 4.5.1

There are a lot of articles and blog posts out there about how to get Unity working with ASP.NET. After all of those, I found the best reference for doing this was the MSDN Unity documentation. 610 more words


Current Index in ASP.NET Repeater

You can get the current index in an ASP .NET Repeater control using Container.ItemIndex

However, the index is numbered from 0 to n. So if you would like to use the index to uniquely identify your elements, consider using ItemIndex + 1… 46 more words


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More #VB posts on the way

I recently started a new large project. Because of a client request, it will be developed entirely in VB.NET. So, from the core architecture all the way through the client code itself, everything will be in VB.NET. 210 more words


How to prevent other forms from closing in a multi-form app in VB.net

In a VB.Net desktop application you might want to close the current form to navigate to a new form  by using Me.Close() as shown below: 131 more words

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How to switch Startup form in VB.Net using Visual Studio 2012

A friend of mine needed a small desktop app for managing contacts and preferred VB.Net app with Microsoft Access DB. With my knowledge of C#.Net I started designing  the forms straight away. 135 more words

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Response.Cookies.Add(...) does not work in FF & Chrome (Continuation)


I found the bug. FF & Chrome have a strange shift of time for expiration dates for cookies.

A command like this will create a cookie with TOMORROW expiry date! 26 more words

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