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Pengetahuan Dasar Koneksi VB.Net dan Database MYSQL

under construction Pengetahuan Dasar Koneksi VB.Net dan Database MYSQL

Untuk mengisi data gridview kita mendapatkn data melalui  Data adapter dan data set . sedangkan untuk mendapatkan data baris kita mendapatkanya melalui data reader. 112 more words

Dasar Basisdata (Database)

Deep and Shallow Copying, Difference of Shallow and Deep Copying

What is Shallow Copy?

Shallow copy is a bit-wise copy of an object. A new object is created that has an exact copy of the values in the original object. 277 more words


C#: Know if running under Wine


A little something people ask when writing a C# / VB.NET application is that how do their application know if they’re running under Wine environment (on OSX or Linux). 314 more words


How to create a background thread

Imports System.Threading

Dim trd As Thread

Public Sub threadCreate()
    '~~~ Background thread creation for the yourSubHere subroutine ~~~
       'Create a new background thread for yourSubHere subroutine and start it
       trd = New Thread(AddressOf yourSubHere)
       trd.IsBackground = True
    Catch ex As Exception
       'If an error occurs display it in a message box
    End Try
End Sub

Public Sub yourSubHere
    MsgBox("This is a background thread")
End Sub


Autocomplete extender with Id and Description

It was a very long time ago that i worked with the Ajax Toolkit, but sometimes you are requested to implement old projects..

And the language is VB.NET, that i was not using since 2003. 876 more words


New Requirement ! - ASP.Net Developer, SQL Server - East Midlands, Perm

Skills: ASP.Net Developer, VB.Net, SQL Server. My client based in Market Harborough, East Midlands, are currently looking for ASP.Net Developer with VB.Net, eCommerce. You must have ASP.Net, eCommerce/consumer facing websites, SQL Server, agile development, strong communication skills both written and verbal. 78 more words