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Game developing - RPG Maker comment on YouTube

PainSerum 10 months ago

Sure, this is fine if you want to make a meaningless game to play on your own or maybe to send to a close buddy.

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XML Read and display in a tableau form and Write Back to XML File ( VB.NET)

‘ Create a new XmlTextReader on the file

Private xdDoc As New XmlDocument()

Dim Path As String = “C:\config.xml”

Dim txtBox
Dim xtr As XmlTextReader = New XmlTextReader(Path) 247 more words

Adding favicon to websites in ASP .NET

First step to adding a favicon would be to create one. Create 16 x 16 pixel image. Upload it to one of the favicon generators. I used  96 more words


Pemrograman VisualNET

¨.NET Framework merupakan suatu kumpulan base class atau juga merupakan suatu set class library untuk mendevelop suatu program.

¨Dengan Framework ini suatu aplikasi tidak memerlukan banyak class tambahan untuk melakukan suatu operasi tertentu, misalnya untuk berhubungan dengan perangkat printer, input device, dll.

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Simple Text Messaging concept program.(vb.net)

I made this simple text messaging concept . Very simple. I only used saving and retrieving data from the database,(Mysql).

You can do this yourself for not more than 2 hours. 220 more words

CLIENT SIDE Script and Code in ASP.NET

ASP.Net client side coding has two aspects:

  • Client side scripts: that would run on the browser and in turn would speed up the execution of page.
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