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Renaming a file

Dim newName As String = Path.ChangeExtension(filename, “bak”)
File.Move(filename, newName)

VB.net code

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Decomposing Hangul syllable in VB.NET

Recently I’ve been wondering if it would possible to decompose a Hangul syllable to Hangul letters using an IME API of some-sort. Hence, I started to search the web for hints on how to get started with it and I came across a… 535 more words


Video: Creating a DIY Spotify remote

The UK-based HackShed crew has created a DIY Spotify remote powered by an Atmel-based Arduino board paired with an LCD keypad shield.

The remote displays the current (playing) song, as well as supporting various functions such as play/pause, previous and next. 309 more words



Dim excel As New Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application
‘Open Excel spreadsheet
Dim w As Workbook = excel.Workbooks.Open(txtUpload.Text)
‘get sheet
Dim sheet As Worksheet = w.Sheets(1)
‘get range
Dim r As Range = sheet.UsedRange… 88 more words


I Love SQL Server
I think with a URL like SQLSteve.com it’s pretty apparent that I love SQL Server. I really love the internals, the Storage Engine, and especially tuning. 136 more words

Programming SQL Server

Applying Visual Basic Styles

' Visual Basic
Shared Sub Main()
    Application.Run(New Form1)
End Sub