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Charts in RPE Documents - the Excel OLE way

Expanding the solution described in Charts in RPE Documents – the Excel way it is possible to generate Excel chart and embed them in the RPE output Word document as an OLE object. 317 more words

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10-minute simple videos that will teach you how to become an Excel VBA pro

After searching far and wide, the Youtube video search is finally over. A successful tutorial has been selected. I am of course referring to Excel VBA Basics. 136 more words


Excel Geeking - How I Control Releases of Excel Templates

In my current position, I manage the care and feeding of a type of planning system. The whole thing has been built in Excel, and presents more than a few challenges. 1,015 more words


Solving polynomials - update

The polynomial spreadsheet (details here) provides functions to solve polynomial equations of any order; using an “exact” method for up to quartic, and an iterative procedure for higher orders.  255 more words


Search a table based on multiple columns

First, make the table searchable.
Add an extra column “SearchKey” to the table and concatenate all the needed columns in the formula, separate with whatever, but better separate with something. 74 more words


Faster Biaxial Bending

The spreadsheet to calculate ultimate moment capacity of a reinforced or prestressed concrete section under combined axial load and biaxial bending, last presented here, has been updated to use the… 152 more words


Comparison of the three discussed programs

The purpose of this post is to compare the three analytical programs discussed in the previous posts. The reason why I do not have this post be about another software program is because of the inadequacy of my knowledge. 462 more words