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Interesting VBA programs

1. Where is Excel installed?

Sub WhereIsExcelInstalled()
MsgBox Application.Path
End Sub

Versatile Blogger Award.

Today, I have been humbly honored with a nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award by Reify . The Versatile Blogger Award was created to feature recognize blogs that have unique content and fantastic photos.  176 more words


Coding Element #2 MsgBox Function

The MsgBox (Message Box) Function in Excel can be extremely helpful to VBA coders.  We can use it to:

  1. Request User Input
  2. Detect Errors
  3. Display Variable Values…
  4. 155 more words

There is a little cheat you can use to achieve a very similar effect like the Static keyword in VBA.

You can get away with things like… 143 more words


Coding Element #1 Range.End Property

A very useful coding element includes one of the following: End(xlUp), End(xlDown), End(xlToRight), End(xlToLeft).  It is the Excel equivalent of Control+Up, Down, Right, or Left, which selects the last cell with a value before a blank in a direction. 232 more words


Microsoft Says What They Really Think

Thanx to Debra over at Contextures for letting me know about this presentation from the Office 365 Garage Series:


What we’re seeing here is an open statement by Microsoft that full-featured client Office is dead and that we must all grasp onto the Web-based Office.   533 more words

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