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“SQL Developer – Banking/Financial Domain” for Full-Time position in Irvine, CA.

Job Title: “SQL Developer – Banking/Financial Domain”

Job Location: Irvine, CA.

Job Duration: Permanent

Job Nature: Full-Time Hire (FTH); Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)

Client Domain: IT Services, IT Consulting… 100 more words


Dependent Data Validation dropdown lists

Our goal here, is to create a dropdown list by using Data Validation, where the contents of the list will be determined by another Data Validation Dropdown list. 883 more words


Deep Copy or Clone an ADODB recordset in VBA

Inspired by this post on SO.

Problem description:

I have been searching for a way of duplicating or copying a recordset in VBA. And by that I mean, having the undelying data independent of each other.

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Add logging to your Access ADP

Use this table and code to log the duration of events, for example how long does a form take to load or a query take to run. 274 more words

How "small" is small?

Two days ago I read a lecture note from my professor. It was a note about river mechanics, actually. In the note, the professor said that some certain condition may apply if only the angle between two contact surfaces is… 348 more words


Top Speed Tips for VBA

Five top tips for improving your VBA speed

1. Write good code: Your script is only going to be as fast as it’s weekest link, create good habits by keeping your code neat, consice and your macro will run fast… 110 more words

Enabling Autofill feature in MS-Excel

Recently, one of my colleague was facing a problem with Excel. She was unable to fill the cells by dragging.  Couple of minutes and few permutation/combination helped to re-enable the feature. 45 more words