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Get Estimates

This tool retrieve hours and cost estimates for all spreadsheets in a directory
The hours field resides in E41
The costs field resides in E42… 123 more words


The Versatile Blogger Award


I couldn’t be any happier right now because recently the lovely Britt nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! You should definitely check out Britt’s blog, as she is a lovely girl who owns an amazing blog :) I’m very excited to begin. 271 more words


Beginner Sub Procedure #4 (Select Case - "VBA Emotional Program")

Select Case: As an alternative to using If-Then-Else excecution flow when coding, we may choose to direct our code based on a Select-Case structure.  We place a string or numeric value for a “TestExpression”, and then depending its the classification, the program will give us alternative results.  301 more words


Beginner Sub Procedure #3 (If-Then & GoTo)

Guess My Age Program

Don’t you love guessing games! I sure do.  Let’s try and make a program that directs execution flow until the correct guess is made! 302 more words


Understanding VBA Programming Ebb & Flow

VBA, as a programming language, uses specific keywords to direct program execution. Unless these keywords are used, the program will be run from head to toe, and every statement will be executed.  190 more words


Beginner Function Procedure #1

Multiplication Tool (Calling a Function Procedure)

This program is quite similar to Beginner Sub Procedure #1, except that we define our very own VBA Function Procedure, and then call it in a VBA Sub Procedure. 207 more words