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Extracting Digits from Text: Using Formulas and Designing a Missing Excel Function: GROUPS

An Excel problem that crops up quite often is how to extract digits (0-9) from text. The text might be part numbers, or web addresses, or currency values or … 949 more words


Trick of the Week :: Store (and then fetch) files from SQL Server tables

Problem Statement: I have a database of employees where I store information about each person. I wish to have a picture of the employee in my database that I want to retrieve when I select an employee ID. 374 more words


Binary functions, combining text, and finding unique columns

I recently had an e-mail request asking for a method of finding unique columns in an Excel table consisting of either blank cells or an entry of 1.  249 more words


Calculate Exponential Moving Average or EMA using Excel

A primer on EMA:

The moving average method is a commonly used technical analysis indicator. All moving averages typically use a historical data series and the current price in the calculation.  584 more words

টেক্সট ডাটা থেকে শুধু নাম্বার বের করে আনা।

নিম্নের কোড কপি করুন।

Public Function NumericOnly(strInput) As String

    Dim strResult As String, strCh As String
    Dim intI As Integer
    If Not IsNull(strInput) Then
        For intI = 1 To Len(strInput)
            strCh = Mid(strInput, intI, 1)
            Select Case strCh
                Case "0" To "9"
                    strResult = strResult & strCh
                Case Else
            End Select
        Next intI
    End If
    NumericOnly = strResult
End Function

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Excel sheet protect устгах арга

Хэрвээ та ажлын файл болох excel дээрээ Protect sheet хийчихээд нууц кодоо мартчихсан бол яах вэ? Магадгүй танд ийм асуудал тулгарч байсан байх, магадгүй танд ийм асуудал тулгарахын үгүйсгэхгүй. 189 more words


NICE eschews Value-Based Assessment for now: Are we ready for consensus?

Sometimes standing still is the best way to move forward. Just ask the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which this month decided against adopting its mooted value-based assessment (VBA) model in favour of a more comprehensive look at how new treatments access the NHS. 714 more words

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