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Forced c-sections. Unethical outliers or a disturbing trend?

RH Reality Check is reporting that Jennifer Goodall, a woman in her late 3rd trimester with 3 previous c-sections who wants to attempt a vaginal birth has been notified by the chief financial officer of the hospital where she planned to deliver (Bayfront Health Port Charlotte) that her “prenatal care providers intended to report her to the Department of Children and Family Services, seek a court order to perform surgery, and perform cesarean surgery on her “with or without consent” if she came to the hospital.” 799 more words


On C-Sections and VBACs

This video from The New Yorker (which is offering free content for the next several months, so take advantage!) on rising C-section rates around the world is really well done. 27 more words


You want a Trial Of Labor After Cesarean (TOLAC)? INCONCEIVABLE!!!

Your OB’s response when you tell him you want a vaginal birth after cesarean section:

What you are thinking when he says you will die if you try a VBAC: 141 more words

Natural Birth

Liam's VBAC Story

Part of the reason I started this new blog was to make it look better. Silly, I know right.. But if I want the blog to reach more women then it needs to be easy find, read, and share! 2,192 more words

Who is your Doula and what does she do?

Doula.  A strange sounding word that when thrown out casually causes those not familiar with birth and it’s many facets some confusion.  Even those familiar with birth can be confused with the term.   595 more words



I’m at the end of my second week at my new obstetrics residency.

It has been an amazing two weeks. I’ve been at the ambulatory women’s health clinic at the community health center. 219 more words