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Liam's VBAC Story

Part of the reason I started this new blog was to make it look better. Silly, I know right.. But if I want the blog to reach more women then it needs to be easy find, read, and share! 2,192 more words

Who is your Doula and what does she do?

Doula.  A strange sounding word that when thrown out casually causes those not familiar with birth and it’s many facets some confusion.  Even those familiar with birth can be confused with the term.   595 more words



I’m at the end of my second week at my new obstetrics residency.

It has been an amazing two weeks. I’ve been at the ambulatory women’s health clinic at the community health center. 219 more words

Are you "trying" for a vbac?

The language we use around birth is so important. And one thing I hear a lot is women saying they are going to “try” for a vbac. 619 more words


Bring it on!

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How do you envision having your baby?
The average bride spends over 100 hours planning their wedding.
Imagine if you spent a tenth of that time preparing for your birth. 165 more words

Preggo Report: 31 weeks!

This week is a milestone for us! When I was pregnant with my twins, I actually delivered at 31 weeks! So, getting to this week with no complications has certainly been exciting!   213 more words


A Walk Through on VBACs and Why Hospitals Can't Always Offer Them

Vaginal Births After Cesarean (aka VBAC) have become a bit of a hot topic since our local hospitals stopped providing this service. Some people are angry, some people are thankful, others don’t tend to care since we haven’t personally had a c-section. 3,272 more words