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Baby #4 is here!

Forgive my tardiness, but my world has been spinning since Monday, Sept 15. That’s when my baby decided to make his grand entrance into this world. 1,433 more words


34 Weeks Pregnant... and Ready to Party!

Symptoms of pregnancy at 34 weeks (or, just how to know that you’re pregnant):

  • An urge to nap… and then stay awake all night readjusting that pillow in between my legs… and then nap again the next day after the restless night before.
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The Littlest Anderson(s)

Let down your guard, birth is not a battle.

I am a member of a lot of birth groups.  I moderate a lot of birth groups, VBAC and such.  I alway hear how strong women are and how strong they have to be to give birth… and while this is true, it gives women the wrong impression. 415 more words


A new baby, and birth lessons

There is a warm lump of baby sleeping on me at the moment. Charlotte Pearl arrived on July 28. She is an awesome baby (aren’t they all?), and her first six weeks with us have gone smoother than I imagined (knocking on wood. 1,310 more words



I am a doula.  I want you to enjoy your birth in the way that suits you.  I am good GREAT at what I do.  Sometimes it’s hard.  313 more words


40 Weeks + 2 Days Pregnant, Homeopathic Induction Methods

Alright, black cohosh. Let’s see what you’ve got.

I have this homeopathic regimen of blue and black cohosh that I received from a midwife when I was pregnant with #2. 63 more words


A volte ritornano

Sono sparita senza scrivere più nulla per mesi, e qualcuno mi ha anche scritto per chiedermi se andava tutto bene. La risposta è SI! Dopo essere tornata a casa dal secondo brutto ricovero ho dovuto riposare ancora un mesetto ma poi mi sono sentita subito meglio, e ho capito, anzi, il mio corpo mi ha fatto capire che il pericolo era passato. 332 more words