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Dad Teacher.

Is it wrong for me to call Parentcraft “Parentcraft”? Am I making a gauche faux-pas, like an American insisting on calling football ‘soccer’? Should I get all traditional and refer to it as an “antenatal class”? 627 more words


Super fast quick update on stuff

Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow is our appointment at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore; our initial consultation with their obstetrics team up there. 

I’m a little excited. 441 more words

These Are Days

Is a Doula Really ALL That? Do I Really Need One? Is a Doula Worth the 'Moola'?

First, (listed below the picture) are some statistical reasons (for those of you like me who like to see proof in the ‘pudding’) to hire a doula for the birth that you desire; and afterwards, the link to a loooooooong article with all the juicy ‘for-real’ stats. 1,101 more words


Vaginal Birth After Caesar

  1. Contraindications
    1. Previous classical or vertical C/S
    2. >1 previous C/S
    3. <18/12 after previous C/S
    4. BMI > 40
    5. Estimated fetal weight >4kg
  2. Chences of sucess
    1. Success rate average around 75% …
  3. 145 more words

Calling All Guest Posters: The Many Faces of Childbirth

We all know that every pregnancy and every birth is different, right.  And, let’s face it, we mamas like to share our birth stories (I’ve yet to meet a mom who isn’t happy to share hers).  163 more words


Not the post it was meant to be!

So I spent some considerable time earlier writing about what’s been happening over the last few weeks, only to find that my post vanished into the aether when I tried to preview it. 653 more words

How I got my body back with a VBAC - Tarynn Playle

I’m excited to bring you a trans-Atlantic perspective on the VBAC from the lovely Tarynn, who lives in Seattle, and is a stay-at-home ‘mom’ to her three year old daughter, and her son who is one. 1,079 more words

Birth Preparation