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Breathe in life

Many of you know that I have come to understand that having a c-section did not make me a birthing failure. In fact, I believe that… 169 more words

To the Wolves

I found out I was pregnant very early, like I was only a few weeks along and this early knowledge helped me snag a midwife.  Boy was I happy, and lucky.  1,156 more words


Growing Family!

While working on Tallulah’s birth story I was looking for pictures and then got lost going through our family photos.  These pictures were all taken within a few days (or hours!) of each child’s birth! 16 more words


VBAC Article in Today's Wall Street Journal

There is an interesting article about VBACs in today’s (12/9/14) Wall Street Journal.  What do you think about VBACs?  Did the author make good points? 11 more words


Testimonial from Lesley

Having had an unplanned c-section with my first child, I was told by my GP that I should not consider having a vaginal birth with my second child because it would put the life of my baby at risk. 130 more words


Loving Your Cesarean Scar

Loving your cesarean scar does not have to mean you love cesarean births, or that you planned a cesarean birth, maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. 366 more words

24 Weeks with Casyn David

I am SOOO behind. With the holiday’s that have been around we’ve been super busy as well as a new school term started so I’ve been adjusting to that as well BUT we are back & we have such exciting information about our little boy! 535 more words